Adult Coloring Books-Wholesale Prices

Now you can buy small quantities of these fun and therapeutic

Adult Coloring Books, Wholesale Prices

The minimum order to purchase at 50% off the regular retail price is just one box!

We currently carry 4 assortments of adult coloring books. Each assortment contains 2 themes as shown in the image on this page. More adult coloring books may be added. More themes may be added also. CLICK HERE to see the entire selection currently available along with the current pricing and bulk purchase discounts.March 2016 Adult Selection Collage horiz

The Health Benefits of Adult Coloring Books

Coloring offers a wide range of mental benefits for both children and adults. Coloring has therapeutic properties of reducing anxiety, stimulates focus and brings about calmness and relaxation. Research has proven anxiety levels drop when adult subjects colored geometric patterns. Do you know someone who would benefit by having some of these books and coloring pens, markers and crayons around? We all do. They make a great gift idea.

Just like meditation, coloring allows us to switch our brains from scattered or frenzied thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to relieve anxiety. This kind of adult coloring activity can be particularly effective for people who aren’t at all skilled in art. There is most certainly a tranquility in coloring an image. Anyone can do it and most everyone can reflect on the times we’ve enjoyed filling in the spaces in a coloring book…at any age.

Adult Coloring Accessories-Markers, Crayons and Coloring Pencils

There’s no need to visit the art store and spend a bunch of cash on high-end art supplies. We carry good quality coloring accessories here at Mazer Wholesale and always at low wholesale prices.

Visit our online wholesale shopping cart to explore the selection of affordable:

  • Fiber-Tip Marker Sets
  • Twist Crayons
  • Coloring Pencils

All the products in this category are available at wholesale prices even for very low minimum orders. We are very enthusiastic to bring these items to the market at such low wholesale prices because we believe the health benefits will touch thousands of people.

With this product line, we hope to reach individuals and also

  • Hospital Gift Shops
  • Gift Basket Makers
  • Florists
  • Grocery Stores
  • Variety Stores
  • Stationery Stores
  • Veterans Help Groups