Business Owners’ Roundtable

Business owners are a rare breed. We take risks. We take punches. We live a series of victories and losses, and we never stop adapting to constant and neverending change. Most people don’t understand what it takes to be a business owner. It can be a bit lonely.

A Once-Monthly Meeting to Share Ideas, Problems, Resources, & Solutions. Owners Only.

I’m Andrew Mazer. I started my business in 1986 (35 years ago). My business has morphed in many ways over the course of time. I have a lifetime of experiences. I want to share mine and learn from yours.

Although it could be a by-product of our meetings, I’m not proposing a “networking group.” It’s more of a mastermind group of 6-8 people, once-a-month.

Andrew Mazer-my friends call me Maze

What’s My Motivation for Creating This Group?

My vision for this group is about making friends with like-minded people: Seasoned, experienced business owners. Business-owner-friends share things like:

  • What’s working, such as: technology, equipment, hiring, professional services
  • Resources such as printers, website developers, lenders, phone/internet services
  • Marketing, such as Search Engine Optimization, advertising media, directmail, email

The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat concept is an exceptional tool. Here’s how it works:

The largest segment of each meeting is dedicated to the Hot Seat. One member of the group brings up their ONE THING. It could be a problem they need help solving, an idea they want to flesh out, a businesss decision for which they’re seeking a spectrum of opinions, or even a personal or family issue only other business owners can understand.

The magic of the Hot Seat is that even though the peron IN the Hot Seat is the focus, the discussion and ideas shared deliver benefits to all the other members of the group. You don’t need to wait your turn to experience the benefit of the Hot Seat.

Where Will Meetings Take Place?

I’m thinking we should choose a restuarant with a conference room. Meetings will be for about 3 hours, once per month and each member will be obligated to pay a certain amount in advance for the year which will cover the expense of the restaurant. Any money leftover could be donated or used toward a special dinner for the group and their spouse.

Contact me at if you’re interested and please include some details about you, your business background, your current business(es), and questions.

This endeavor is about making valuable acquaintances, improving our businesses, and the quality of our lives. It should be fun too.