Hardware Supplies

Retailers, property management companies, contractors, builders, landscapers: Find a huge selection of Hardware, Locks, Tools, Janitorial Supplies, Painter’s Supplies, Plumbing, Electrical Supplies, Pest Control, Fasteners and more.

Hardware Wholesale Catalog


More than 3000 items in dozens of categories. The items in these catalogs are shipped from our New Jersey warehouse.

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packaged hardware-hoods, screws
CLICK HERE to view our extensive line of HARDWARE
Wholesale padlocks and bike locks
CLICK HERE to see our extensive selection of Door Locks and Padlocks
wholesale padlocks-door hardware-hasps
CLICK HERE to view our wholesale catalog of Safety Hasps and Door Security Hardware.
Residential Door Locks-Wholesale
CLICK HERE to see our vast listing and wholesale prices on Residential Door Locks 
commercial door locks-wholesale
CLICK HERE to see a our selection of Commercial Door Locks and Closers
Wholesale door hardware-window hardware
CLICK HERE to see our selection of Door and Window Hardware
Wholesale tools
CLICK HERE to view a selection of 100’s of Hand Tools and Power Tools with Wholesale Prices.
Painting accessories
Wholesale pricing 100’s of Paint and Painting Accessories. High quality and disposable. CLICK HERE.
wholesale Janitorial Supplies Catalog
CLICK HERE to view, print or download our catalog of Wholesale Janitorial Supplies
Wholesale Work Gloves
For Wholesale Prices on a Wide Range of Work Gloves, CLICK HERE.
Wholesale Rope Twine Clothesline
CLICK HERE to see our low wholesale pricing on rope, twine, clothesline and clothesline hardware.
Wholesale electrical supplies
CLICK HERE for 100’s of common electrical items to sell in your store or use on or property.
wholesale flashlights-lanterns-camp lights
CLICK HERE to view our extensive line of Flashlights
CLICK HERE to see our line of USA made heavy duty Trash Bags
CLICK HERE to view or print our Cold-Weather Goods catalog