Cellulose Sponges (2 PCs)

Must order in groups of 48. Minimum order: 48.


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Cellulose Sponges (2 PCs)

There are 2 cellulose sponges in a packet. These sponges absorb more water and are good choice to clean your kitchen in a single wipe. These sponges are good for wiping any liquid spillage in your kitchen easily. It does not leave behind any liquid mark after wiping.    These cellulose sponges can be sued to clean glass and mirror without any scratches.

These are good quality long lasting durable cellulose sponges for your kitchen and home.

There are 48 Cellulose Sponge Packets in a case.

This item is in our GENERAL MERCHANDISE warehouse in Chicago, IL.

We require a minimum order of $1000.00 to in this category. 

Free shipping is available on orders of $2500.00 in this category (in the 48 contiguous United States).

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