Diagonal Cutting Pliers 7″ – Pack of 72

$1.92 each Sold in Packs of 72

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$1.92 each Sold in Packs of 72

Diagonal cutting pliers, also known as wire cutters or diagonal pliers, have cutting edges that are angled relative to the handles.

Diagonal Cutting Pliers 7″ at True Wholesale Price

  • This angled design allows for precise cutting of wires or other materials flush with a surface.
  • The “7 inches” specification indicates the length of the pliers from the tip of the cutting edges to the end of the handles.
  • Diagonal cutting pliers are versatile tools found in many toolkits, both for professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts.
  • The angled cutting edges of these pliers allow for easy access to tight spaces and precise cutting without damaging nearby surfaces.

7″ Diagonal Cutting Pliers on Bulk Sale

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Weight 34.17 lbs

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