Assorted Color & Shape Pencil / Pen Grip (8/Pack)

Must order in groups of 144. Minimum order: 144.


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Assorted color and design pencil grips. These pencil grips fit comfortably on all standard sized pencils and pens.  There are 8 different colored pencil grips in each package, and there are 24 packages in each case.  The packages in each case vary between the 5 different styles.  It consists of soft foam grip, ribbed foam grip, diamond gel grips, and two kinds of squishy gel grips.  The different colors and designs will appeal greatly to kids and younger students.

These pen and pencil grips are ideal for all schools, no matter the age of the students, as well as offices and at home.  The pen and pencil grips help you hold the writing utensil better to write neater.  Check out our line of cheap school and office supplies. Buy in bulk for the best wholesale price online.

10% discount when you order 144 or more.

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