Ball of Sisal Twine-150 ft.

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A ball of twine is a common household item with 100’s of uses. Sisal twine is stronger than jute twine.

Wholesaler Of Sisal Twine

This is a 2-ply spool of sisal twine and one item among 1000’s we sell wholesale to hardware stores and convenience stores…and recently to:

  • Benevolent foundations
  • Missionaries
  • Cities & Counties and
  • Church Groups

who reach out to us for supplies they wish to donate to the homeless, and those displaced from their homes due to disasters.

How the Homeless Use Twine for Day-to-Day Needs

A ball of sisal twine is handy for the homeless for these specific uses:

  1. To tie down their shelter. Homeless people acquire tents or makeshift shelters using tarps. These materials have grommets (metal eyelets) which are designed for tying shelters to trees or other stationary fixtures.
  2. To bundle and tie possessions for carrying or otherwise transporting.
  3. To bundle in plastic sheeting or tarping to keep possessions dry and/or hidden.

Twine can be saved and reused or cut and discarded. 150 feet of twine can go a long way and last a long time.

We wholesale: Tarps and Blankets along with Twine and Work Gloves as part of a low-priced selection of necessities for groups who give to the homeless.

A ball of 2-ply, all-purpose sisal twine. This is an individually wrapped 150 ft ball of twine. Wholesale price. Buy in bulk and save money.

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Weight .17 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in