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21 oz Curved Head Framing Hammer with Black Hickory Handle

Use these affordable framing hammers in your business or sell them in your store.

This high-quality framing hammer is a must-have for those who build.  Designed for durability and precision, it is built to handle the toughest framing and construction projects.

  • The 21 oz curved head provides optimal weight distribution that maximizes the striking force, allowing for powerful and accurate blows.
  • The black hickory handle offers a comfortable grip and absorbs shock, reducing strain on your hand and arm during extended use.
  • Crafted with premium materials, this framing hammer makes sure long-lasting performance and reliability.

About Framing Hammers

  • Framing hammers have a slightly longer handle than a typical claw hammer.
  • The milled face of the hammer head helps to prevent the head from sliding across the nail head on a mis-hit strike.
  • The claw of the the framing hammer has less curve than a ripping hammer. This provides a little more leverage for prying out nails.
  • The wood handle of a framing hammer absorbs shock.

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Weight 1.31 lbs

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