Plastic Putty Knife, 1″

Must order in groups of 36. Minimum order: 36.



Disposable putty knives are good enough for spackling & glazing and cheap enough to throw away.

1-1/2″ Disposable Plastic Putty Knife

Cheap disposable plastic putty knives are good enough to apply spackling company and glazing compound and they’re cheap enough to throw away when you’re done.

Wholesaler of Bulk Packed Cheap Plastic Putty Knives

The 1.5″ width plastic putty knife is packed 36 per box. Each piece has a hole drilled in the top of the handle so a retailer can hang it on a pegboard hook for display AND the end user can hang it up in the tool shed to keep it handy and visible.

Additional information

Weight .056 lbs

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