Teflon Tape- 1/2″ x 260 ft. Bulk Pack

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Teflon Tape for Thread Sealing

A must-have item for every home, plumber, toolbox, maintenance shop, work truck.

Teflon Tape-Wholesale Price

This is a ½” x 260” roll of teflon tape. This comes on a plastic spool with a cover (as shown). 

Thread Seal Tape, Bulk Pack for The Lowest Price

 The tape is also known as Thread Seal Tape.

Teflon tape prevents liquids and gases from entering the thread way of screws and pipe joints. 

Common question: 

How many times should Teflon tape be wrapped?

You always want to wrap seal tape around threaded pipe fitting in a clockwise direction. In most cases for a new joint you should apply only two or three wraps of tape. On older fitting where the threads may be damaged you may consider adding a few more wraps, but keep the number of wraps to a minimum.

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