Heat Gun For Paint Stripping

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Electric Heat Gun – Strips Paint and More

The Electric Heat Gun strips paint from any surface without the use of noxious, flammable chemicals.

Simply pull the trigger and heat from 575° – 932° degrees is fan-forced from the nozzle. Paint will bubble and is easy to remove with a firm putty knife.

2 heat settings: 750 watt & 1500 watt

Caution: Wear good work gloves and safety glasses while using this tool.

Apply Heat to Remove Vinyl Flooring

The heat from an electric hot air gun will reactivate most adhesives.

  • Warm the floor tile with this heat gun.
  • To prevent burning, use a waving motion so as to not keep the intense heat blasting in one spot too long. The adhesive will soften below.
  • With a firm putty knife or scraper, peel from one side or corner of the tile or sheet vinyl (do not use on carpet!).
  • With a gloved hand, pull the material back to remove it from the surface.

Wholesale Hot Air Guns

Sell hot air guns in your store. or buy a dozen to keep in your shop & work trucks.

This product is UL Listed.

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