Utility Knife Set – Pack of 2 Large Snap-Off Style

Must order in groups of 24. Minimum order: 24.


Wholesale tools & hardware supplies to sell in your store or to use in your business.

2 Large Snap-Off Blade Knives, Wholesale Price

The snap-off blades in these knives are super sharp and about 5″ long.

As the portion of the blade gets dull, snap it off, then push the unused portion of the blade for a new sharp edge.

Cheap Utility Work Knife with Super-Sharp Blades

Although these economical work knives are lightweight, they are very good quality. Not everyone NEEDS a professional-quality utility knife.

A quality utility knife is often left behind and lost. That can be an expensive mistake. Losing an inexpensive plastic work knife is much less painful!

Sell Utility Knives in Your Hardware Store or Hardware Department

Due to our low wholesale price, you’ll be able to resell our utility knives for a low retail price and still make excellent profit margins. And if you USE utility knives in your business, it’s very inexpensive to supply your team with cheap knives. Having extra knives on hand is also a great time saver.

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