Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer. I know businesses are in search of real wholesale prices.
Real wholesale pricing is hard to find these days.

Why is real wholesale pricing so hard to find online?

The main reason it’s hard to find good wholesalers is because large retailers like Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon have put most smaller retailers out of business. This retail giants don’t need wholesalers. They buy directly from the factories.

Without retailers to serve, wholesalers have become scarce.

Great Relationships Are Good Business

As a wholesaler, we have over 35 years of rock-solid relationships with 1000’s of customers, and dozens manufacturers and importers. Our unique relationships enable us to leverage an almost unlimited inventory of products from all over the country, and the world.

Our customers like the way we serve them and our vendors like the way we PAY them. 

We pay our bills lightning fast. This is the key to getting special treatment by our vendors. Every customer likes good prices and fast, courteous, and accurate service. These are they keys to keeping good customers and keeping them happy. Plus:

We answer the phone.

New customers are often shocked when a real person answers the phone. They often pause because they aren’t prepared for it! Yes, we’re online and our website is vital to providing information customers want and need, but we recognize that many customer like to do business the old fashioned way…and we like it too.

Sometimes a customer needs a huge quantity of something and wants to inquire about a discount (which we can sometimes accommodate). Sometimes a customer just needs some advice on how to use an item or some other question they coudn’t find on the website. We love talking to customers.

I started Mazer Wholesale back in 1986. It was a spinoff from our family hardware store in Philadelphia. I was 21 years old. Back then, MOST hardware stores were independently owned. They didn’t need affiliations with Tru-Value or Ace Hardware, they had wholesalers like Mazer Wholesale.

Every city had a handful of wholesalers to lean on to get the merchandise needed to sell in their stores. But when Home Depot came into town, handfuls of neighborhood hardware stores closed up shop. Soon after, Lowe’s put up a store and most of the remaining stores could not survive.

The First Wholesaler On the Internet

We were among the first hardware and general merchandise wholesalers to start marketing our products online. 

My wholesale company was established to service hardware stores, variety stores and $1.00 stores. We purchased a 12,000 warehouse about 4 miles from the store where the rest of my family worked until they sold it in 2005. I’m very grateful for the support and the role models my mom, dad and older brother have been for me. Their passion for business and their love of their customers paved the way for me and my passion for business and for service.

Our inventory at Mazer Wholesale revolves around practical items for the Home, Businesses, Disaster Restoration, and Property Management. 

We offer:

Just because you don’t see something on our website doesn’t mean we don’t have it or can’t get it for you. Being in business a long time means we have sources around the world so please shoot us an email or give us a call if you need help sourcing something. We love special requests!

Thank you for your interest. I hope we’ll be serving you.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. | President
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Providence Ranch Business Center
2008 Bel Air Star Parkway
Sarasota, Florida 34240

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