Tarps for Protecting Life and Property

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blue tarps for sale online
Tarps small enough to cover a bicycle are large enough to cover a house. All tarps sold at truly low wholesale prices. COMPARE!

With summer upon us and the weather getting nicer, that means Construction – Renovation – and Hurricane Season. Whether you are building, renovating, or protecting property, something you will always need is tarps.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY of tarps.

Who Uses Tarps?

If you live in a highrise apartment building, you may not have any reason to own a tarp, but if you have a house, a tarp can come in handy for things you may need to cover outside like

  • Patio furniture
  • Your BBQ grill
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, and boats

They can also be used for making a makeshift tent for camping.

What are the Uses of Tarps that are Purchased in Bulk By Big Users

Buyers of larger quantities of tarps include:

  • Roofing contractors who use them to cover roofs during roof renovations
  • Tarping contactors (who are often roofing contractors too) jump into action to cover roofs after heavy storms
  • Cities, Counties, and benevolent groups buy tarps in bulk to donate to the homeless for temporary shelter
  • Retailers like hardware stores, and sporting goods stores, sell tarps and therefore need to buy in bulk to resell them

Where Are Some Places Tarps Used?

Tarps are used:

  • In the trucking business for keeping bulk material from spraying out of the top of open-top trucks
  • At campgrounds where people need to be prepared for all kinds of shelter or ground-covering needs
  • In the yard for covering bulk materials which may need to be kept dry or safe from blowing away in the wind
Heavy duty 6mil blue tarps
Choose heavy-duty 6mil Blue Tarps for durability at an economical price point.

Blue Tarps Are 6mil Thick – Silver Tarps Are 10mil Thick

6mil Blue Tarps are considered heavy duty (as opposed to their much lighter, inferior counterpart, 3mil blue tarps).

Blue Tarps Are Used WHEN:

  • You need to protect your belongings from the elements
  • You want a tarp that will last  for a long time and for keeping to be used again
  • When you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a tarp (blue tarps are economical)
Silver/Black tarps are extra heavy duty
Silver/Black Tarps provide greater durability and functionality than a typical tarp. They cost a little more but provide longer life.

Silver Tarps with Black On the Reverse Side Are Used When:

  • …A heavier, more durable tarp is needed. Silver/Black tarps are 10mil thick so they’re more durable.
  • …the tarp will be subject to the punishment of high winds, snow, ice, and…
  • …intense heat is an issue. The purpose of a silver side of a silver/black tarp is to reflect UV rays. This keeps the item being covered cooler which could be desirable in most situations. The black side could be facing outward in a situation that benefits by absorbing the heat of the sun to keep what is underneath warmer.

Tarps are extremely versatile and come in an abundance of stock sizes. Our smallest size is 5’x7′ and our largest size is 100’x100′.

Tarps are made with weather-resistant grommets so they can be tied down OR so they can be joined to other tarps in order to extend the coverage area. Rope, twine, zip ties, bungee cords, and rubber straps with ‘S’ hooks are commonly used for fastening tarps.


Fire retardant tarps for sale
Use fire retardant tarps in areas where sparks, open flames, or high voltage equipment is near.

Fire Retardant Tarps

Fire Retardant Tarps are mostly used indoors. They would be used in areas where products or equipment could be exposed to sparks, open flames, or high voltage.

How to Buy Tarps at Low Wholesale Prices online or By Phone

Order tarps at wholesale pricing by calling 1-800-343-0780 or visit our website https://mazerwholesale.com/ where you will find a huge selection of sizes and the current wholesale prices.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. was established in 1986 as a spinoff from the Mazer Family’s old fashioned hardware store (Mike’s Hardware) in Philadelphia, PA.

Wholesale Floor Protection Products For Contractors

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Renovation Supplies

One of the worst situations a contractor can run into on a job is accidentally damaging something valuable. It pays to be prepared.

Lowest Pricing on Floor Protection Products for Contractors

Needing to repair or replace a floor you or a member of your team has damaged during a project is expensive and embarrassing. These days, you can’t afford the damage a bone-headed mistake you could have avoided by investing a couple hundred dollars in floor protection products.

When you come onto a job site, whether it’s someone’s home, a commercial business, or a school, your crew will be going to be in and out dozens (or 100’s) of times. Not only will you be treading everywhere with your dirty work boots, but you’ll also be pushing, pulling and carrying equipment and materials

How to Avoid Costly Floor Repairs

Avoid costly floor damage with practical and disposable Floor Protection Products. You’ll never have to worry about damage again. For a fraction of the cost of repairing damage or excessive soiling your team may have done on a job, you really should keep a variety of floor protection on hand.
  • TACKY MATS: The surface of Tacky Mats pulls loose debris and germs from the soles of boots and shoes. These special mats come in a pack of 30.  They cling to hard floors with their unique static backing. These come in 2 sizes: 24″x30″ and 36×36″
tacky mats take germs and loose debris from the bottom of shoes and work boots
Tacky mats do more than grab dust & dirt from the bottom of shoes, they actually kill germs too! Many health care facilities are now required to use them.
Cheap 9 x 12 plastic drop cloth
Drop cloths come in a few different sizes and thicknesses. We also carry 10’x100′ poly sheeting in clear and black.
  • Carpet Protection Film: A light adhesive strip on the underside of the film prevents carpet film from bunching up and sliding around. This product comes in 24″ x 200′, 36″ x 200′ and 36″ x 500′. It’s perfect for hallways or to create an obvious path where you want your people to walk while your project is underway. A carpet film applicator is not required but it’s a time-saver and it rolls out the material more neatly. We recommend it.
carpet film applicator
A carpet film applicator applies the film quickly, neatly, and straight.
  • Floor Protection Paper: This fiberglass reinforced floor protection paper comes in 36″x300′, 48×300′72″x300′. This product is ideal for protecting hardwood, ceramic, stone, vinyl, and painted floors. It’s also great for creating a specific path you want your crew members to take—“stay on the path!’
kraft paper-floor protection
Reinforced kraft paper protects hard floors during building and renovation projects. Comes in 36″, 48″ and 72″ widths.
  • Floor Protection Board: This is a 45mil super thick, extra-heavy-duty water-resistant paper. It’s 38″ wide and 100′ long. Often goes by certain brand names like Ram Board • Rhino Board • Temporary Floor Protection Board.
floor protection board
Customers who order this product often purchase 3″ wide masking tape to join the seams, but we also carry high-quality seaming tape made specifically for this product.
  • Shoe Covers-to Protect Floors: Disposable shoe covers have a good quality elastic band to hold shoes and boots snugly. Workers put them on over their shoes just before entering a home or business in order to keep out unwanted debris.
Polyster Shoe Covers
100 pair per case

Wholesale Supplier To Housing Authorities

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We supply housing authorities with wholesale prices on products you use for maintenance, repair, and remodel.

For decades, we specialized in serving hardware stores, so if you’re looking to purchase items you would normally purchase at a local hardware store or even at Home Depot or Lowe’s, we can probably save you money,

Supplies Needed to Maintain Low-Income Housing Units

When you need to purchase in bulk, and when you need to keep your costs within a budget, you want to buy wholesale. That’s why managers buy from us.

We supply the stuff you need to keep your buildings and units maintained.

  • Window Blinds and Shades
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Door Locks and Door Hardware
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Painting Supplies

Wholesale supplies for housing authorities and proprty management to use for maintenance, repair, and remodeling your buildings, houses, and apartments

Mazer Wholesale supplies the maintenance and repair needs of building and property management. Family-owned and established since 1986.

Tarps for Tornado Relief

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Wholesale tarps for disaster relief. We have a temporary coupon code for 20% off our regular low wholesale price.

Deadly tornadoes ripped through properties, businesses, people, and families’ lives apart this past weekend (December 10 & 11, 2021) have created a need for relief supplies.

Tarp Wholesaler Reduces Prices 20% for Tornado Relief Effort

Mazer Wholesale often supplies tarps to aid in disaster relief efforts. We are called on because of our super-low wholesale pricing. Now we are adding an extra discount of 20% on sales made to customers in affected areas:

As an effort to lend a helping hand in this effort, we are discounting our TARPS BY 20% WITH THIS COUPON: TARPS-20



It’s very common for us to get requests to ship tarps. Quick delivery for humanitarian relief is essential. We supply

tarps at wholesale prices for emergencies due to hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters.

Huge Inventory of Tarps is Available for Immediate Shipment

Order Tarps Now For Quick Delivery!

Shipping product out is not difficult during a disaster. The bigger problems arise in the delivery because of downed buildings, road blocks, floods, and continuing rough weather. Disasters affect the smooth transport of product. Tarps are among the top items needed in emergency situations.

The TARPS-20 COUPON CODE expires on December 24, 2021.

Industrial Rubber Work Gloves

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In keeping with our initiative to expand our product selection for the Restoration Contractors, Junk Removal Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Plumbing Contractors (and any other service business or public works department, needing supplies), we’re expanding our selection of work gloves. In this post, we’re introducing:

Long Cuff Rubber Work Gloves Wholesale Prices

First, these 14″ (elbow length), extra thick, rubber gloves.

Industrial Rubber Work Gloves-Wholesale
High quality work gloves you can buy wholesale. Click here for pricing or to place your order. 

These heavy duty gloves are 30mil thick. The rough outer coating provides good grip. The elbow length sleeve provides protection up to the elbow. The cuffs are rolled at the end which helps to make the gloves bother easier to put on and take off, as well as dry. Learn more, CLICK HERE.

Next, we have these

Extra Long Industrial Rubber Work Gloves

Extra Long Industrial Rubber Work Glove-Wholesale
Minimum order for this item is 10 pair. Buy in bulk and save money. Click Here to see our entire selection of Wholesale Work Gloves.

These heavy duty gloves are 18″ in length which passes the elbow of most adults. These also have a rough  outer coating for good gripping power. Although they’re slightly thinner than our 14″ gloves, at 25mil thickness, these are still plenty heavy duty for the job.

The 18″ heavy duty rubber gloves also have the rolled cuff. Learn more, CLICK HERE.

Bulk Pricing on Heavy Duty Industrial Work Gloves

The 14″ glove is sold in packs of 12 and the 18″ glove is sold in packs of 10. A 10% discount is available for buying in full-case quantities. The full case quantity on the 14″ glove is 72 and the full case quantity for the 18″ glove is 60.

See our full selection of Work Gloves and other Protective Gear, CLICK HERE. 

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