What Is The Best Product To Cover a Garage Floor

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classic car garage showroom

There are a number of choices when it comes to covering or coating a garage floor. In this article, we’re talking directly to 3 types of buyers:

  1. Average homeowners who simply want to spruce up their garage. Perhaps it’s to hide ugly oil stains or hairline cracks.
  2. The homeowner who wants to turn their garage into a great looking room – a Man Cave. a game room, or a neat and organized workshop for example.
  3. Car or Motorcycle lovers who want to proudly showcase their vehicles.

The Most Economical Garage Floor Covering

The most economical flooring is a matter of opinion. Like most products, buying the lowest priced are usually not the most economical. Here are some points to consider:

  • Are you willing to install the flooring yourself? Most flooring professional installers charge more for their labor than the price of the product. To keep your costs down, you may want to focus on purchasing a product that is easy to install.
  • What kind of traffic occurs in your garage? Will you be parking vehicles in your garage? Are you planning an office, a man cave, or a game room? If so, most good quality floor paints will do the trick but we have found a Garage Floor Tile that’s economical and incredibly practical.
  • Rolling heavy tool boxes, floor jacks, or jack stands around? Sorry to tell you, but your typical concrete job in your home garage is probably not going to bear the punishment of that kind of equipment, let alone paint, epoxy finishes, or tile. You’ll need to be prepared to lay something more industrial down for that application.

Why Peel & Stick Garage Floor Is The Best Home Garage Flooring Solution

Black & White garage floor tile
Showcase your pride & joy classic car!

After more than 20 years of using and selling peel & stick vinyl flooring, we have discovered and developed a material that’s thick enough and has the right stuff for an easy, successful installation and a long-lasting finish…in a variety of solid colors and patterns. Here’s what WE think are the best and most important attributes to make this product a great choice:

  1. Super-Easy to Install: Anyone can do it. Just lay one peel & stick tile in front of the other and work your way from the garage door straight to the back wall (or wherever you want to stop)…rinse & repeat!
  2. It’s Easy to Cut & Measure: Tiles are 12″x 12″ or 18″ x 18″ and you can cut them (if you need to) with a basic utility knife and a straight edge.
  3. Keep Your Leftovers For Replacement: A typical garage floor wears in very specific places. Tires basically run over the same tiles over and over again, as do trash cans and bicycles. Buyers usually order a little more than they need and the leftovers can come in handy for replacing heavily-worn tiles. Simply heat the affected tiles (even years after the original installation) and the glue is reactivated. Lift the tiles with a putty knife and drop in a new tile. Voila! Like new again! The rest of the floor gets very little traffic so the floor stays practically new forever.

Vinyl Tile vs. Epoxy Paint for Garage and Basement Floors

About 25% of our customers have come to us as a result of failed epoxy paint. Whether you buy the material and do it yourself or hire a pro, epoxy paint is expensive, difficult to apply, and often fails. We hear a lot of sad stories (angry may be a better word).

Nexus Peel & Stick Floor Tile On Sale NOW for $9.95 Per Box

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Nexus Floor Tile-Peel & Stick

This is no joke and no exaggeration. We are by far selling

Nexus Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile for The Lowest Price in America- NOW Just $9.95/box

We were the first wholesaler online in 2001 with Nexus Brand flooring, and selling at lower prices than all our big-name competitors. Back then, we were serving independently-owned hardware stores and mom & pop home goods stores in the Philadelphia area, Southern New Jersey, and Baltimore.

The selection was originally (as far as I recall), 20 patterns. They ALL sold very well. Many of them went a bit stale and were replaced by more contemporary patterns. We have always had a mix of several hardwood patterns, various marble patters, stone and paver patterns. The line continues to evolve- now with 30 patterns in the line PLUS a line of Wood-Look 6″x36″ Planks.

Selling Tile Far Cheaper Than Our Competitors Online

We sell tile cheaper than other companies whether they’re online, stores, or both.  We always have and we always will. It’s our business model!

The internet emerged as a marketing opportunity and fortunately for us, the timing was perfect. There were other companies selling tile online but their pricing was outrageously high. This enables us to beat their prices drastically they didn’t even realize we were there!

We took this new line of product and, thanks to the internet, were soon supplying businesses AND homeowners, landlords, and remodelers all over the USA.

Tile is Heavy But It’s Easy to Ship

As a wholesaler, we always knew how to keep our costs down so our customers were paying rock-bottom prices. Negotiating low shipping deals with UPS and other carriers is crucial to be able to deliver products and still beat the competition.

Hey, you don’t stay in business for 35+ years (and counting) without being shrewd on behalf of your customers.

wholesaler of general merchandise
I’m Andrew Mazer and I’m working hard to keep the great deals coming on items you use around the home and business.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

We compete against industry giants like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, and Walmart- and we beat their prices almost every time.

How do we do it?

  1. Relationships: We’ve been selling this product for a very long time…over 20 years. That makes our relationship with the manufacturers older and more mature than any of the national brands.
  2. Low-Overhead Business Model: We really can’t disclose ALL our secrets, but we have our nimble ways of purchasing and shipping goods that the big guys don’t know about or are just too big and clumsly to execute. Our small team of buyers and efficiencies developed over time keeps our business running like a well-oiled machine.

Enough About Us…This is About YOU!…Our Customers!

  • YOU want the best prices when you’re about to spend $100’s on a new floor for your home, apartment, or property. That’s why your searching online…for the best deal.
  • YOU want to TALK to a real person on the phone (some people still prefer it!) and WE ACTUALLY ANSWER THE PHONE!
  • YOU want installation advice and WE have decadeds of experience selling the product, using the product, and many demonstration videos on our site and on YouTube. (Check out our YouTube channel for installation advice and more.)




Easy Floor Upgrade – Just Peel and Stick

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Mazer Wholesale Has Popular Nexus and Tivoli Brands – At the Best Prices

It’s an easy floor upgrade, and it’s as simple as peel-and-stick! It’s inexpensive, anyone can do it, and makes a big difference in the way your home looks and feels. If you have one ore more floors in your home or office that are looking a little tired and worn, it’s time for an upgrade. Tivoli and Nexus Planks are the most popular brands, and Mazer Wholesale has the best, lowest prices.

Nexus Peel-and-Stick Flooring from Mazer Wholesale

Best of all, you don’t need to hire a professional or spend a lot of money for this peel and stick flooring. It’s a DIY’ers dream! No matter which brand you choose – Tivoli or Nexus Planks – Mazer Wholesale is your one-stop shop. We’ve been in the wholesale business for 35 years. When it comes to cheap prices and great service, look no further than Mazer Wholesale.

Basically, we offer two brands and styles of peel-and-stick vinyl flooring, also called “planks.” One brand is called Nexus, the other is Tivoli. While similar, they have some different properties and benefits that are worth considering before you start your flooring project. There are many different colors and styles to choose from.

When it comes to pricing and availability, here’s an important note: You can buy these planks at local stores like Wal-Mart and Home Depot, and they’re available online from Wayfair and others. However – and this is important! – consumers who need larger-sized orders (to cover more floor space) will always find that prices are lower at Mazer Wholesale. And, we deliver right to your home or office!

Nexus Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • Tile size: 6” x 36” – packed 10 in a box. Each box will cover 15 square feet of floor.
  • Sold in cartons of 6 boxes, which will cover 90 square feet.
  • Planks are 1.2 millimeters thick. Good for everyday home use.
  • Natural wood-grain finish with a smooth surface. Easy cleanup!
  • Available in 5 different colors / patterns. Click to see each on our online catalog:

Tivoli Plank Flooring

  • Tile size: 6” x 36” – packed 10 in a box. Each box will cover 15 square feet of floor.
  • Sold individually. Buy as many as needed (and a few extra planks, in case of error.)  
  • Planks are 2 millimeters thick. Great for heavier-traffic areas and even light commercial duty.
  • Natural wood-grain finish. Some have a smooth surface, some are textured (embossed.)
  • Available in 8 different colors / patterns. Click to see each on our online catalog:

Benefits of Nexus and Tivoli Peel-and-Stick Flooring

When it comes to D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) projects around the home, installing Nexus or Tivoli peel-and-stick flooring from Mazer Wholesale is definitely rated “easy.” Like the name says, you simply peel off the backing on the individual flooring “planks” and stick them to the floor. Just like a giant-sized bumper sticker! (Only they last a lot longer and look a lot better…)

You can absolutely upgrade the look of any room, without the difficulty – and expense! – of hardwood or other expensive, labor-intensive flooring. Self-adhesive tile flooring is great for any room in the house, and in the garage, too! Both Nexus and Tivoli planks can be used in any room you choose; the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, entry / foyer and even basements and garages! In fact, we have several posts and blog posts and videos showing off garage projects created by our customers. Click here for one of our favorites.

Other benefits: vinyl flooring is really very durable. If installed and maintained correctly, it can last more than 10 years. (In fact, Tivoli floor planks from Mazer Wholesale come with a 10-year warranty.) That means these vinyl floor products are a great choice for rooms that get the most traffic.

Cleanup is easy, too. Most vinyl flooring has a wear layer on its surface that resists scratches and stains. It will also do well in rooms that see the occasional spill, like kitchens and powder rooms. For daily cleaning, water is generally all that’s required. Mild soaps can help with weekly or bi-weekly cleaning and an assortment of specialty products are available for deep cleaning your vinyl flooring. No waxing is ever needed.

Installation – the Easy Part!

If you’ve ever tried installing hardwood or ceramic tile flooring, you know how hard it can be. (If you haven’t done any of that kind of installation work, congratulations!) With vinyl planking from Nexus or Tivoli, you don’t need any special tools. A simple razor knife is a must-have, for cutting planks to size as needed. In addition, you’ll want a tape measure for accurate sizing, and a straight edge for cutting perfect lines. At Mazer Wholesale, we hear from happy customers who are being successful with their first DIY project.

These peel-and-stick planks are best installed on a clean, dry surface that’s as free of dust and other small debris as possible. Planks are easily installed on concrete surfaces, as in a garage. Note: if the garage floor is big enough to have expansion joints, then those joints need to be filled and smoothed out first. Check out website for information on how that’s done.

Tile planks can also be installed over some existing flooring, like wood and other vinyl. Again, the most important thing is that the existing surface is clean and dry. In new construction, planks can be installed on bare wood, too.

If you are looking to upgrade a floor in your home, office or commercial space, Mazer Wholesale has what you need. Got questions? Get in touch. Email: Info@MazerWholesale.com – Phone: 800-343-0780.

Showroom-Style Garage Project

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Wow! We’ve seen a lot of great projects from our friends and customers here at Mazer Wholesale, but this one is certainly one of our favorites. Thanks to Vaughn and Tamy C. for sharing these pictures of the project from start to finish.

The project used Mazer Wholesale’s 12″ black and white peel-and-stick floor tiles (Click here for to see these tiles – and more – on our online catalog.) Lots of customer have been using them for racetrack-style / checkered flag floor designs… but there are so many other ways the tiles can be arranged. (Click here for more customer project pictures.)

Check out the transformation of the space – from average (and yes, large) garage space to a classic car showroom… and more!

Getting started: As you can see, you don’t need to do a lot of special preparation on the existing floor. This is a regular concrete floor that’s been thoroughly swept and cleaned. Pressure washing is nice, but NOT required.

Installation going nicely! The tiles are 12″x12″, so they’re easy to position. Remember, these are “peel and stick” tiles, so there’s no messing around with paint-on glues or other adhesives.

Almost done! Tiles are shipped in packs of 10. That’s 120 square feet per pack, with half black and half white tiles in each pack. Customers can definitely install these themselves – no need to hire an expensive installation team. Peel and stick as needed, and use a simple razor knife to cut tiles as needed to finish the job, or fit around edges.

Done! Here’s a few images of the finished project…and the car collection, of course!

But that’s not all! Along with the garage floor, the customer also went full “Happy Days” with a soda fountain-style booth and jukebox! Can’t wait to see the milkshake menu!

To order peel-and-stick tiles from Mazer Wholesale, click here to get started. We have many different designs and colors, and both tile and carpet squares with simple and easy peel-and-stick installation.

Our collection includes not only garage and other floor tiles, but also peel-and-stick tiles that look like wood, granite, marble and lots more.

If you have a project you’re working on and would like to share your results, please feel free to get in touch!

Garage Makeover-Flooring Department

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Garage tiles Turned out pretty good.  Thanks and pleasure working with you. 
-Jim, North Carolina

Another happy customer who purchased our black and white vinyl Garage Floor Tiles. A dramatic finishing touch to a garage makeover.

Take note of concrete floor in the BEFORE image.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Peel & Stick Garage Flooring

We’re going to answer 2 frequently asked questions here with one image (above).

Q. My garage floor has expansion joints. Do I have to fill them in?

A. YES. The Garage Floor Tile is thin and flexible. Although these characteristics keep the tile from cracking under the weight and pressure of a car rolling and sitting on it, the tiles will sink into the expansion joints and any other wide cracks or holes. These must be filled in with Crack Filler.

We recommend Henry 345.

Q. My garage floor has some oil stains. Do I need to get them off?

A. If you have cleaned the floor with soap and water and the stain is still there, it’s probably sunken into the concrete and no longer “greasy.” It’s unlikely old grease stains will cause you any problem. Your tile should be sticking firmly within a couple of hours. If the tile is easy to peel up a couple hours after installation, you may want to use Loctite All-Purpose Adhesive or Liquid Nail to fortify the bond.

Stand-alone garage with peel & stick tile.

Here’s a photo of a customer who has applied our garage floor to his detached garage. This image is used to emphasize that fluctuating temperatures to no have a negative affect on the tile. However, the tile should be installed during moderate temperatures. After the adhesive sets, fluctuating and even extreme temperatures (high 90s and down to single digits) are not a problem.


More Garage Floor Tile Styles

This is our Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look Tile

Patrick Stewart (no, not the one who played Captain Picard on Star Trek) share an airplane hangar with a few of his flying buddies. This is the Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look peel & stick tile. It has a light gray background with tiny specks of brown & black.

Many customers have recently begun to use our solid Black tile mixed with the Salt & Pepper instead of white and they’re very happy with it. So far, the photos they have sent look like black and white, so we haven’t posted any yet. I’m sure someone will take picture where the lighting will be just right to distinguish the Salt & Pepper.

See our Photos from Happy Customers page, CLICK HERE.

How to Remove Peel & Stick Floor Tile

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Watch a 5-minute video describing the process of removing peel and stick tile from your floor.

More videos featuring floor tile installation and preparation advice are on this website, our YouTube Channel on Facebook , and on Pinterest.

No special skills required.

This is a frequently-asked question we get from prospective customers and those researching the subject.

The adhesive on self adhesive flooring (well, at least the brand we sell) is very strong. Tiles can easily be repositioned if you don’t set them perfectly the first time. Within minutes, the adhesive grabs the surface and the bond gets stronger as the adhesive cures over the next several days.

The tile I removed in this video was installed in April, 2011 (and you can see the video n our YouTube Channel of this installation). All the tiles from the original installation are still firmly in place.

Benefits of Peel & Stick Floor Tile

One of the great benefits of self-sticking tile is that if a tile becomes damaged for any reason, such as the moving of furniture, or dropping something sharp or heavy, the tile can be removed and replaced. We always recommend our customers to order enough to have left over material. An extra box of tile is like a cheap “insurance policy.” With it,  you can keep your floor looking great almost indefinitely.

Removing Tile From My Garage Floor

In this video, I removed a single tile from my garage floor with ease using a heat gun designed to remove paint. I purchased this for about $20 from a hardware store. The only other tool needed was a 3″ putty knife/scraper. Almost zero pressure was needed once the heat was applied. After the tile was about half way removed the remainder peeled of easily and the tile ultimately came up in one piece with no additional effort needed. I replaced the tile with a new one.

You can find other helpful floor tile preparation videos, installation videos, and tips on your favorite channels:  YouTube Channel on Facebook , and on Pinterest.

You are obviously invited to subscribe to our channel. When on YouTube, Click the Bell near the Subscribe button to be notified when we post new videos.

Garage Floor Tile-Peel & Stick-Epoxy Look

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Super easy & super cheap. A 1-day job even for an average amateur Do-It Yourselfer. This is our newest pattern called Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Garage Flooring

Many of our customers have tried painting their garage floor only to experience the ugly chipping and flaking, turn all their hard work and expense into an eyesore.

Now you can peel and stick directly onto your bare cement garage floor or previously painted surface with barely any preparation.

Salt & Pepper Epoxy Paint Look

Now you can get the epoxy paint look you want for your garage floor at a fraction of the price and in a fraction of the time. Peel & stick tile is so easy, you can do a 2 or even a 3 car garage in one afternoon and park your car on it the next day.

Preparing Your Cement Floor for Vinyl Tile Installation

Preparation is a breeze. Fill in all cracks and holes. Because the vinyl tile is flexible, it WILL sink into any cracks or holes which may exist. You will need to fill these with floor patch or floor leveler. This comes in a ready-to-use form straight out of the can. Just as spackling compound is used for filling in imperfections in a wall prior to painting, floor patch is applied the same way using a simple putty knife. The main difference is that the floor patch hardens more like cement.

After the surface is smooth, all you need to do is make it clean and dry and you’re ready to go.

Get a close look at this tile and our wholesale price at https://mazerwholesale.com/product-category/garage-floor-tile/

Not only is this product affordable but you can do it all yourself in just a few hours.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been established since 1986. We started out supplying independently-owned hardware stores with all kinds of products (including floor tile) for them to resell in their stores. We have take the wholesale price model online and now we serve everyone with true wholesale pricing.

Check out all our great patters of floor tile and other home decor and remodeling items at https://mazerwholesale.com

By the way, we LOVE customer service so please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. -1-800-343-0780

Temporary Flooring Solutions

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Sometimes you just need a floor for a one-time use or for a short event or display.

Vinyl Peel & Stick Floor Tile is Perfect for Temporary Use

temporary dance floor
Busy dance floor at the famous Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA. 2016

Recently, the famous Coachella Music Festival of 2016 was held in Indio, California. About a month prior to the event, they gave us a call to inquire about our inexpensive self-adhesive floor tile to use on one of their many stages at the event. This is the type of scenario where the stage floor needs to be set up quickly and cheaply as possible but still have a crisp and rich look. It’s also a scenario where the floor needs to hold up to about a year’s worth of wear and traffic in a span of about 3 days.

It was great to get this memo in a short email from one of the management at Goldenvoice, the producers of Coachella:

“The flooring turned out great, we were very pleased with the product and it will definitely be used again. Thank you for all of the help!”
– D. Jones, Coachella/ Stagecoach Festival Operations

Because we sell the floor tile at such a cheap wholesale price, and because it requires no special talent or skills to install, it’s a practical and economical solution for a temporary floor.

Temporary Dance Floor

We have supplied this flooring to wedding parties and other private parties and one-day events many times in the past. The various pattern selection of over 30 patterns to choose from provides a shiny new surface and strikingly beautiful. Several hundred square feet can be installed in a matter of minutes. Note, however, the tile is coated on the back with a powerful adhesive. It will stick strong.

Although the tile is cheap and can be used for temporary flooring needs, it is actually made to last.

For temporary use, it will be wise to use a layer of lauan plywood first. It is a cheap, thin plywood. This is so you can just dispose of the whole floor after the event. Trying to lift the tiles after they are stuck down is a big and messy job. We don’t actually promote the tile and it’s not actually made to be temporary. This article is published merely for those who are looking for an affordable, temporary flooring solution.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has been supplying this material to retailers and consumers successfully since 2001. It’s super-easy to install. All you really need is a tape measure, a straight edge and a razor knife. Simply peel off the paper backing from each tile and put one tile next to the other. Simple!

See all our great patterns of peel & stick vinyl floor tile here.

Review and Photo of Garage Floor Tile Installation, Peel & Stick

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There are lots of choices for covering a garage floor. There seems to be no “perfect” solution. The expensive goods have their drawbacks, the paint eventually chips.

Cheap Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tile has a Great Reputation

garage floor tile

“I love my garage tiles. We covered our ugly garage floor with the black and white checkered tiles. I even used the tiles on my doors and steps. After more than 6 months use, rain, snow etc. has not damaged the tiles and not one tile has moved. Yes, we park both vehicles in the garage and clean up is easy using a damp mop. All of our friends say it doesn’t look like a garage but a malt shop. We have used the garage for dinners, game area. Before, I was ashamed of my garage! Now I show it to everyone. I would recommend these tiles to everyone. The cost and product is great! Thanks” Debbie Heaton, Elizabethton, Tennesee

The snap-together flooring makes a lot of noise when you drive on it, they tell us. Moisture and dirt settles under it too. And who wants to take it apart to clean underneath?

Paint requires intense preparation and even the highest quality ends up chipping off and looking ragged before long.

This garage floor product costs just 80¢ per square foot and comes with a 5-year warranty!

…which is PEANUTS! It’s peel & stick so you don’t have to fool around with messy adhesive and you don’t need to hire any help. It’s a one-man job (or a one-woman job!) for an average 2-car garage and you can do it in a day!

Take a look at the pattern selection, CLICK HERE.

We have lots of photos and more volunteered by satisfied customers, CLICK HERE.

All you need for installation is a clean, smooth & dry surface, a straight edge, and a razor knife. We recommend you take some before & after pictures with your cell phone because you’re going to want to preserve show off your skills when your done (and we’re going to want to have a look too!).

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to call us: 1-800-343-0780

This tile is only 1.2mm thick but don’t let the thickness and the low price fool you. We’ve selling these goods to retailers, wholesalers, property management companies, contractors and consumers for 15 years. We have used the goods too, in our showroom, offices, and also at home.

The date stamp on this Garage floor tile installation video (April, 2011) and as of this date, January 28, 2016, each and every tile is still firmly in place.

Can you really do better than this? Plus, if any tile should need replacing any time in the future, leftover tiles from the original installation will always be available to peel, stick & replace.

Peel & stick garage floor tile is a no-brainer. Looks great. Performs great. It’s super cheap and easy to install yourself.

Garage Flooring Idea

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I installed the black and white checkerboard peel and stick floor tile in my garage in April of 2011. As of this post which is created on December 24th 2015 the floor still looks great. Every tile is still firmly in place.

Peel & Stick Garage Flooring Tile

I live in New Jersey. In New Jersey we get hot summers consistently in the 80 to 90 degree range. During heat waves it’s not uncommon to go over 100 degrees. Humidity gets very high. In winter the average temperatures are in the 30’s and 40’s. It’s not unusual for cold snaps to bring temperatures down into the single digits. My point is that the extreme temperatures have not affected the adhesion of the flooring. See our patterns and prices on garage floor tile, click here.

The video below is me explaining and talking about the floor tile installation in progress on that day in April 2011. Mine is only a one car garage 90% of the area was installed in about 2 hours. To my recollection it took about another 3 hours or maybe a little more too cut into small pieces around the outside edges around the doorways and walls. I am NOT a handyman. In fact the only reason I really install the tile on the floor in my garage is because for years prior to that installation many people asked me if the tile would work on a cement garage floor.

Garage Floor Installation Video


I do not park my car in my garage because it’s too small. My garage is just for the kids bicycles my golf clubs the trash cans and some other typical household items we need to keep in storage.

A Cheap Garage Flooring Solution You Can Do Yourself

See our patterns and prices on garage floor tile, click here.

With the manufacturer we have developed a product which is almost identical to the tile I used on my garage floor. It’s a just a little but more money but is warrantied to park a car on it. We have been selling it with much success for several years. Customers constantly send us their installation photos and success stories.

So many of our customers come because they have tried other flooring solutions in their garage such as epoxy paint or other more expensive tile products which fail to hold up or are difficult to keep clean. The appeal of the peel and stick tiles is a combination of ease of installation, the easy to keep them clean, the ability to remove and replace tiles which may become damaged or corrupt over the course of time (which seldom happens) and of course they’re very low cost.

Photos from our satisfied customers who purchased and installed our garage floor tile.

Cheap garage floor tile


ideas for black and white tile floor patterns
Photos of garage flooring installations pour in from our satisfied customers. Some get really creative.

Black & white checkerboard flooring
One of our satisfied customers sent us this photo of their museum-quality 50’s luncheonette reproduction.

Man cave ideas for garage