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What Is The Best Product To Cover a Garage Floor

classic car garage showroom

There are a number of choices when it comes to covering or coating a garage floor. In this article, we’re talking directly to 3 types of buyers: Average homeowners who simply want to spruce up their garage. Perhaps it’s to hide ugly oil stains or hairline cracks. The homeowner who wants to turn their garage […]

Nexus Peel & Stick Floor Tile On Sale NOW for $9.95 Per Box

Nexus Floor Tile-Peel & Stick

This is no joke and no exaggeration. We are by far selling Nexus Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile for The Lowest Price in America- NOW Just $9.95/box We were the first wholesaler online in 2001 with Nexus Brand flooring, and selling at lower prices than all our big-name competitors. Back then, we were serving independently-owned hardware […]

Easy Floor Upgrade – Just Peel and Stick

Mazer Wholesale Has Popular Nexus and Tivoli Brands – At the Best Prices It’s an easy floor upgrade, and it’s as simple as peel-and-stick! It’s inexpensive, anyone can do it, and makes a big difference in the way your home looks and feels. If you have one ore more floors in your home or office […]

Showroom-Style Garage Project

Wow! We’ve seen a lot of great projects from our friends and customers here at Mazer Wholesale, but this one is certainly one of our favorites. Thanks to Vaughn and Tamy C. for sharing these pictures of the project from start to finish. The project used Mazer Wholesale’s 12″ black and white peel-and-stick floor tiles […]

Garage Makeover-Flooring Department

Another happy customer who purchased our black and white vinyl Garage Floor Tiles. A dramatic finishing touch to a garage makeover. Take note of concrete floor in the BEFORE image. Frequently Asked Questions About Our Peel & Stick Garage Flooring We’re going to answer 2 frequently asked questions here with one image (above). Q. My […]

How to Remove Peel & Stick Floor Tile

Watch a 5-minute video describing the process of removing peel and stick tile from your floor. More videos featuring floor tile installation and preparation advice are on this website, our YouTube Channel on Facebook , and on Pinterest. No special skills required. This is a frequently-asked question we get from prospective customers and those researching the subject. […]

Garage Floor Tile-Peel & Stick-Epoxy Look

Super easy & super cheap. A 1-day job even for an average amateur Do-It Yourselfer. This is our newest pattern called Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look. Self Adhesive Vinyl Garage Flooring Many of our customers have tried painting their garage floor only to experience the ugly chipping and flaking, turn all their hard work and expense […]

Temporary Flooring Solutions

Sometimes you just need a floor for a one-time use or for a short event or display. Vinyl Peel & Stick Floor Tile is Perfect for Temporary Use Recently, the famous Coachella Music Festival of 2016 was held in Indio, California. About a month prior to the event, they gave us a call to inquire […]

Review and Photo of Garage Floor Tile Installation, Peel & Stick

There are lots of choices for covering a garage floor. There seems to be no “perfect” solution. The expensive goods have their drawbacks, the paint eventually chips. Cheap Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tile has a Great Reputation “I love my garage tiles. We covered our ugly garage floor with the black and white checkered […]

Garage Flooring Idea

I installed the black and white checkerboard peel and stick floor tile in my garage in April of 2011. As of this post which is created on December 24th 2015 the floor still looks great. Every tile is still firmly in place. Peel & Stick Garage Flooring Tile I live in New Jersey. In New […]