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Review and Photo of Garage Floor Tile Installation, Peel & Stick

There are lots of choices for covering a garage floor. There seems to be no “perfect” solution. The expensive goods have their drawbacks, the paint eventually chips.

Cheap Peel & Stick Garage Floor Tile has a Great Reputation

garage floor tile

“I love my garage tiles. We covered our ugly garage floor with the black and white checkered tiles. I even used the tiles on my doors and steps. After more than 6 months use, rain, snow etc. has not damaged the tiles and not one tile has moved. Yes, we park both vehicles in the garage and clean up is easy using a damp mop. All of our friends say it doesn’t look like a garage but a malt shop. We have used the garage for dinners, game area. Before, I was ashamed of my garage! Now I show it to everyone. I would recommend these tiles to everyone. The cost and product is great! Thanks” Debbie Heaton, Elizabethton, Tennesee

The snap-together flooring makes a lot of noise when you drive on it, they tell us. Moisture and dirt settles under it too. And who wants to take it apart to clean underneath?

Paint requires intense preparation and even the highest quality ends up chipping off and looking ragged before long.

This garage floor product costs just 80¢ per square foot and comes with a 5-year warranty!

…which is PEANUTS! It’s peel & stick so you don’t have to fool around with messy adhesive and you don’t need to hire any help. It’s a one-man job (or a one-woman job!) for an average 2-car garage and you can do it in a day!

Take a look at the pattern selection, CLICK HERE.

We have lots of photos and more volunteered by satisfied customers, CLICK HERE.

All you need for installation is a clean, smooth & dry surface, a straight edge, and a razor knife. We recommend you take some before & after pictures with your cell phone because you’re going to want to preserve show off your skills when your done (and we’re going to want to have a look too!).

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to call us: 1-800-343-0780

This tile is only 1.2mm thick but don’t let the thickness and the low price fool you. We’ve selling these goods to retailers, wholesalers, property management companies, contractors and consumers for 15 years. We have used the goods too, in our showroom, offices, and also at home.

The date stamp on this Garage floor tile installation video (April, 2011) and as of this date, January 28, 2016, each and every tile is still firmly in place.

Can you really do better than this? Plus, if any tile should need replacing any time in the future, leftover tiles from the original installation will always be available to peel, stick & replace.

Peel & stick garage floor tile is a no-brainer. Looks great. Performs great. It’s super cheap and easy to install yourself.

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