Plastic Signs – Wholesale Prices

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cheap apt for rent signs

Cheapest prices on plastic signs to sell in your store, to use in your place of business or property. Weather resistant, high visibility.

When you need to bulk order plastic signs for your business, you need a reliable wholesale supplier that can deliver without compromising quality. Find the ones you need for your retail store or for your property at Mazer Wholesale, Inc.

A Large Selection of Plastic Signs for Bulk Buyers

When you order our weatherproof plastic signs from Mazer Wholesale, you get to take advantage of bulk pricing you won’t find elsewhere.

We stock a wide range of plastic signs for hardware stores, dollar stores, discount stores, farm stores, general stores, owners of large properties, real estate agents, and well…all kinds of businesses.

Whether you are looking to designate no parking areas, No Smoking areas, show your business hours, or announce your yard sale, we’ve got the sign for you. These are superior in terms of value because of their durability, cost, high visibility, and weather-resistance.

Delivers Your Message on 9″x12 and 12″x16″ Highly Visible, Weather-Resistant Plastic Signs

Use them indoors or outdoors. The signs are printed with high visibility, fade-resistant colors.

We carry 61 different signs which means we cover just about every typicl need. Each title comes in a pack of 24.

Cheapest Prices for Plastic Signs

Don’t let the low price fool you. These signs are made to last. Plastic signs are inexpensive, making them ideal for bulk orders. Retailers enjoy great profit margins and bulk users of signs enjoy the low wholesale pricing.

Who Buys Plastic Signs in Bulk Quantities?

Most average homeowners need not buy signs in quantity. A home with a dog may wish to post 2 or 3 Beware of Dog signs around their property but bulk buyers are generally those with large, multi-acre properties and businesses.

Minimal Shipping Costs

Plastic signs are cheap to ship because we can fit several hundred of them in one box. Most orders ship via UPS.

Why Mazer Wholesale Is The Right Supplier For You?

Our business model is simple: To supply customers with lower prices than they will find in any big-box store with quick shipping and a broad selection. We’ve been successful with this model since 1986 (and our customers are quite pleased)!

If you have any further questions about our product lines, give us a call or visit our website at

We have included a listing and links to all the popular PLASTIC SIGNS:

6″x11.5″ Open/Closed Sign with Clock7.5″x9″ Open/Closed Sign with ClockAbierto/ Cerrado 9″x12″

Apartment For Rent 9″x12″Apart For Rent 12″x16″Beware Of Dog 12″x16″

Beware of Dog 9″x12″Business Hours 12″x16″ Business Hours 9″x12″

Emergency Exit 12″x16″ Emergency Exit 9″x12″Employees Only 12″x16″

Employees Only 9″x12″ • Exit 12″x16″Exit 9″x12″

For Lease 12″x16″ For Lease 9″x12For Rent 12″x16″

For Rent 9″x12″ For Sale (2-Line) 12″x16″For Sale (2-Line) 9″x12″

For Sale 12″x16″For Sale 9″x12″ • Garage Sale 12″x16″Garage Sale 9″x12″

Help Wanted 12″x16″Help Wanted 9″x12″Keep Out 12″x16″ 

Keep Out 9″x12″Never Mind The Dog Beware of The Owner 12″x16″Never Mind The Dog Beware of The Owner 9″x12″

No Exchange No Refunds 12″x16″No Exchange No Refunds 9″x12″No Fumar/No Smoking 12″x16″ 

No Fumar/No Smoking 9″x12″No Intercambios No Se Devuelve El Dinero 12″x16″No Intercambios No Se Devuelve El Deniro 9″x12″

No Parking 12″x16″No Parking 9″x12″No Smoking 12″x16″

No Smoking 9″x12″No Soliciting 12″x16″No Soliciting 9″x12″

No Trespassing 12″x16″ • No Trespassing 9″x12″Open Sign w/ Closed Sign on Back 12″x16″

Open Sign w/ Closed Sign on Back 9″x12″ • Private Property No Trespassing 12″x16″Private Property No Trespassing 9″x12″

For Rent/Se Renta 12″x16″For Rent/Se Renta 9″x12″Se Vende/For Sale 12″x16″

Se Vende/For Sale 9″x12″ • Security Notice 12″x16″Security Notice 9″x12″

Tow Away 12″x16″Tow Away 9″x12″We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone 12″x16″

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Service To Anyone 9″x12″ • Yard Sale 12″x16″Yard Sale 9″x12″

Stationery Wholesaler For School & Office Supplies

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Wholesaler of school and stationery supplies

Quality school and office supplies at true wholesale prices are challenging to find. Mazer Wholesale, Inc.  is a great source for those wanting to pay less on bulk purchases of school supplies! We’re known for our great prices and quick shipments.

Whether you want to buy in bulk school and office supplies for your business use or to sell in your store, we’ve got everything from notebooks and binders to pens, tape, compass, dry erase boards, and much more.

Save money on bulk quantities with Mazer Wholesale’s low pricing!

Low Prices Back-To-School And Office Supplies Categories

No matter whether you’re a small business, nonprofit, charity, or educator, we’ve got the best and broad selection of wholesale back-to-school and office supplies.

Who Orders Shool & Office Supplies in Bulk?

Customers who order stationery products are:

  • Charitable organizations who donate school supplies to schools, churches, an underprivileged children
  • Museum shops
  • Retail stores
  • Businesses who use stationery items in large quantities or combine them with other products to create kits

Large Selection Of Stationery – in Many Categories

Want to know more about our premium wholesale school supply categories? Read on!

Wholesale Clipboards

Shop wholesale clipboards in various colors, sizes, and styles, to find a perfect fit, meeting your needs. Our cheapest prices help nonprofits, small businesses, and charities get a wide array of clipboards at a fraction of a retail cost.

Buy in bulk your favorite wholesale clipboards at the cheapest prices. Choose from our various bulk clipboards:

Wholesale Shipping And Envelope Packing Supplies

In our inter-connected worldwide economy, it’s increasingly challenging to run daily operations without reliable and quality shipping and envelope packing products.

We have everything you require to affordably re-stock your shipping and envelope supplies – wholesale, lowest prices, wide selection, and prompt shipping.

Choose from our various high-quality shipping and envelope packing supplies:

Wholesale Prices, Markers, And Highlighter Pens

Want to leave a lasting mark? Look no further than Mazer Wholesale markers and highlighter pens! Our high-grade wholesale highlighters and markers come in all colors, shapes, and designs, and are specifically designed to fill brighten your world.

Listed below are our top-quality wholesale markers and highlighter pens you can buy in bulk:

Buy In Bulk Rubber Bands

Believe it or not, a rubber band is a versatile back-to-school and office supply. It can be utilized to bundle, tie, secure, or pack papers, cords, boxes, and much more.

Used in almost all industries, a rubber band is a cost-effective solution for many offices and school works. Luckily, Mazer Wholesale provides you with the lowest prices rubber bands you can buy in bulk for your business or retail store.

Choose from our various high-quality rubber bands:

Wholesale Rulers

Buy wholesale rulers at Mazer Wholesale to make measurement more fun and easy. Our excellent selection of high-quality rulers includes everything essential, from plastic rulers to wooden sticks and more.

Buy in bulk your favorite rulers at the cheapest prices. Choose from our various wholesale rulers:

Sharp Wholesale Utility, Blades, And Craft Knives

Find utility, blades, and craft knives in bulk quantities at Mazer Wholesale!  We provide a wide variety of utility and craft knives in several styles and designs for box-cutting.

Listed below are our top utility and craft knives you can buy in bulk:

Buy Wholesale Kids’ Art And Craft Supplies

Create something unique with our wholesale kid’s art and craft supplies. These exciting and unique materials and tools will tap your creative side.

Why bother purchasing art crafts online when you can buy in bulk from Mazer Wholesale at the lowest prices possible?

Choose from our various top-quality arts and craft supplies:

Wholesale Backpacks

With a variety of wholesale backpacks for various needs, Mazer Wholesale is your go-to shop for quality backpacks at the cheapest prices. Our stocks are full of bulk backpacks to help you fulfill your needs.

Under this heading, we’ll explain six different wholesale backpacks for kids of all ages and levels with color options that retail stores can buy in bulk:

Wholesale Discount On Calculators

Stock up wholesale calculators for your retail store or business at reasonable prices with Mazer Wholesale – your all-in-one shop for buying basic and advanced calculators in bulk.

Listed below are our best wholesale calculators you can buy in bulk:

Buy In Bulk Chalk For Writing And Drawing

Get chalk in bulk quantities from Mazer Wholesale at rates you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you want to write, draw or play hopscotch, our wide selection of high-quality bulk chalk is a perfect treat for kids and adults.

We’ll explain six buy-in-bulk chalk sets that retail stores and SMEs can purchase at Mazer Wholesale:

Wholesale School Compass Sets

Equip your employees, customers, and students with excellent drafting compasses from Mazer Wholesale!

Also known as pencil compasses, they’re designed specifically to help create perfect arcs and circles, which makes them highly valuable in geometry, drafting, trigonometry, navigation, engineering, and other fields.

Looking for the cheapest compasses? Mazer Wholesale can help! Choose your favorite compass in bulk at the lowest prices possible:

Lowest Prices Wholesale Tape And Correction Fluids

Make your mistakes disappear completely with Mazer Wholesale tape and correction fluids. Choose your favorite correction tape and fluid in bulk quantities at remarkable wholesale prices.

Listed below are our best wholesale tape and correction fluids you can purchase in bulk:

Bulk Crayons

With Mazor Wholesale top-quality bulk crayons, no artist needs to suffer or limit their creativity! Our bulk crayons help people express themselves freely to the best of their abilities.

Choose from our premium jumbo-size and standard-size crayons to make a lasting artistic impact:

Wholesale File Folders And Binders

In terms of keeping papers and documents organized, few ways beat the age-old binders and file folders. Want to buy high-quality, reliable binders and file folders? Buying in bulk quantities from Mazer Wholesale is the perfect way to go.

Listed below are our best wholesale file folders and binders you can buy in bulk:

Wholesale Cheap Kids Flashcards

Flash cards are highly effective at learning new concepts and skills in a jiffy. Buying flashcards in bulk at the lowest prices from Mazer Wholesale is an investment you won’t regret.

Whether you run a retail store or a small business, our extensive collection of wholesale flashcards is a perfect treat.

Choose your favorite wholesale flashcards from our wide pool:

Wholesale All-Purpose Glue

Get amazing discounts on school and office supplies when shopping at Mazer Wholesale for glue in bulk. Our buy-in-bulk glue collection features some of the best, high-quality glue products ranging from glue sticks, super glue, glue pens, craft glue, glitter glue, and more.

Listed below are our top-quality glue products that you can buy in bulk at the cheapest prices:

Discounted Wholesale Hole Punch

Want to cut holes in paper? Bulk purchase of hole punch tools can help you do it cleanly and quickly. From making your art classes more fun to keeping presentations together, Mazer Wholesale has the equipment and tools you require.

We have a wide variety of hole punchers such as three-hole, single hole, and more at the cheapest prices.

Choose and buy your favorite hole punch in bulk:

Wholesale Lowest Prices Magnifiers

Use bulk magnifiers from Mazer Wholesale to see things in a new way. We’ve got a broad range of cheap magnifiers to help you look in detail with fine print.

Available in different sizes and designs, our magnifying glasses are best for students, kids, camps, classes, and more.

Listed below are our best magnifying products that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Buy In Bulk Markers

Stock up bulk markers at a fraction of retail costs. From washable markers and dry erase markers to watercolor markers, metallic markers, and more, we are your go-to shop for markers bulk purchases.

Choose your favorite bulk markers from our wide selection of top-quality markers:

Wholesale Notebooks, Papers, Stationery, And Tablets

Get school papers at remarkably affordable prices when shopping at Mazer Wholesale for bulk filler papers and notebooks.

Our broad range of wholesale papers and notebooks includes various sizes and styles to accommodate different people and industries, including offices, small businesses, and schools.

Browse through our reliable selection of notebooks, papers, tablets, and stationery. Consider the following six wholesale notebooks and other equipment:

Wholesale Paper Clips, Binder Clips, Pins, And Tacks

Keep your things together with bulk purchase paper clips, binder clips, and pins from Mazer Wholesale. Paper clips are versatile office and school products that can be utilized to pin notes, mark pages, fasten documents, and more.

Ordering wholesale paper clips, binder clips, pins, and tacks for your business or retail store has never been easier. Choose from our wide selection of paper clips and others:

Bulk Pencil Cases And Pencil Pouches

Make school and learning a bit fun for pupils with these bulk pencil cases and pencil pouches from Mazer Wholesale!

These pencil pouches and cases help students remain organized by keeping various stationery items such as pencils, crayons, markers, erasers, sharpeners, stash pens, etc., in their respective spaces.

Browse through our broad selection of bulk pencil cases and pouches to find items that best meet your needs.

Wholesale Pencil Erasers

Make your errors disappear instantly with Mazer Wholesale bulk purchase pencil erasers. Shop for wholesale pencil erasers in all styles, colors, and sizes.

With our cheapest prices, bulk purchase of pencil erasers from oval and fashion erasers to stick and vinyl erasers can help you save big.

Choose your favorite pencil erasers in bulk from our stock:

Wholesale Pencil Sharpeners

Convey your message loud and clear with our reliable wholesale sharpeners. Stock up either for your personal use or resell them to earn profits; we’ve got a wide range of industrial-style pencil sharpeners to choose from.

Listed below are our best pencil sharpeners that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Bulk Pencils

Write clean and fast with our wholesale pencils. Not only do we provide excellent discounts on bulk purchases, but also offer a wide variety of pencil styles and colors so everyone gets a perfect writing utensil.

Browse through our bulk pencil collections to choose that suits your style and needs:

Discounted Wholesale Pens

Stock up classroom, office, or your home with these top-quality wholesale pens from Mazer Wholesale. Choose from trendy pens, gel pens, ballpoint pens, stick pens, and more at the amazingly lowest prices.

Browse through our wide wholesale pen collection that comes in various styles and colors to suit your needs:

Wholesale Scissors

Slash your increasing costs with our wholesale scissors and trimmers. From safety scissors, multi-purpose scissors, scallop scissors, rolling scissors to kid’s scissors, metal scissors, and more, we’ve got a perfect bulk scissor collection for small businesses or retail stores at the cheapest prices.

Listed below are our best wholesale scissors and trimmers that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Buy Lowest Prices Wholesale Staplers

No office or school desk is complete if it lacks a stapler. Stock up wholesale staplers and stapler removers from Mazer Wholesale – your one-stop shop for bulk purchases.

Buy wholesale staplers and related accessories at Mazer Wholesale and get a discount you won’t get from any other wholesale shop.

Choose your favorite wholesale staplers in bulk from our stock:

Buy In Bulk Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are increasingly popular among kids and adults because you can apply them anywhere such as on book pages, doors, refrigerators, etc., and remove them without creating or leaving a mess.

Seeking both quality and convenience without paying high prices? Mazer Wholesale can help! We’ve got a range of selections for bulk sticky notes to help you find the product that best meets your requirements

Browse through our best-quality sticky notes to choose your favorite product in bulk:

Wholesale Study Sets

Buy in bulk study sets from Mazer Wholesale at the lowest prices. Our study tools are specifically designed for professionals and students, delivering a perfect blend of precision and ease.

From geometry kits to protractor sets, teachers and students will love Mazer Wholesale study and math sets available in various attractive colors.

Choose your favorite study sets in bulk from our stock:

Bulk Tape

Believe it or not, the tape is a must-have office and back-to-school supply. Used for multiple things such as sealing packages, posting signage, etc., it’s an essential office staple that you need to buy in bulk.

Shop from Mazer Wholesale to get the best deals and a wide selection from decorative tapes, shipping tapes, mounting tapes to tape guns, invisible tapes, and much more at the cheapest prices.

Listed below are our best wholesale tapes that you can buy in bulk at the lowest prices:

Wholesale Whiteboards, Cork Boards, And Dry-Erase Boards

Looking for affordable bulk whiteboards, cork boards, and dry-erase boards? Look no further than Mazer Wholesale!

While whiteboards allow students and professionals to pen ideas quickly, they also allow them to write, erase and re-write concepts or ideas they work on.

At Mazer Wholesale, you’ll find a range of wholesale whiteboards, dry-erase boards, and cork boards at the lowest prices possible.

Browse through our premium whiteboards and related items to choose your favorite product in bulk:


Looking for the best quality back-to-school and office supply you can buy in bulk? Choose Mazer Wholesale – your all-in-one shop for bulk purchases!

We’ve got a wide selection of stationery products with excellent packing and quality at the lowest prices.

Browse through our reliable stationery for school and office and choose the products you need to achieve goals and success.

What Is a View Binder and How Can I Get a Wholesale Price?

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Mazer Wholesale, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of a wide variety of products that supplies businesses of all kinds, schools, benevolent foundations, and local government organizations with things they either use or sell.

If you’re buying products in bulk, you expect to save money. We sell in bulk and it’s our business to save you and your organization money. This is our business model.

What is a View Binder and How Can I Buy in Bulk?

Attached to a View Binder is a thin covering of clear plastic which surrounds the product. The plastic is open at the top on the front, back and spine so that sheet of paper can be inserted in order to identify the content inside.

What is a View Binder
A view binder allows for a sheet of paper to be inserted, Front-Back, and Spine to identify the content inside.

3-ring binders come in various sizes, colors, and “capacities”. The capacity is an estimate of how many sheets of hole-punched paper they can hold. In this article, we are referring to standard size binders that hold standard size sheets of paper.

The paper used in standard size binders is either 8″x10″ lined paper (which is commonly called “FILLER PAPER”) or 8-1/2″x11″ plain paper (which is now commonly referred to as “COPY PAPER.”

See our selection and wholesale prices on View Binders.

They are available in many colors and sizes:

1/2″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″, and 3″


30×50 Tarps for Sale

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If you need some BIG tarps, we have a big selection.

Wholesaler of 30×50 Blue Tarps

The 30×50 tarp is a big seller when storms are strong enough to cause damage to homes and commercial buildings. We even sell larger tarps:

Lowest Price on 5mil Blue Tarps.

When Disaster Strikes, it’s usually too late to get the supplies you need to mitigate water damage.

We supply:

  • Roofers & Tarping Contractors
  • Landscapers
  • Builders and Building Renovation Contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Emergency Reponse

and we even supply homeowners ($100 order minimum).

PREPARATION SAVES TIME, MONEY, and PROPERTY. It can also save lives.

Check out our entire selection of tarps!

Tarps Available in Southwest Florida – October, 2022

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Heavy duty 6mil blue tarps

In response to Hurrican Ian, we have a truckoad load of 5mil Tarps on their way.

Attention Roofing and Tarping Companies, Builders, and Contractors: Assorted Sizes of Blue Tarps are Enroute to Sarasota at WHOLESALE PRICES.

Order tarps at real wholesale prices and pickup in our temporary warehouse in Sarasota, Florida.

The following sizes of tarps will be loaded on a truck and shipped to Sarasota this week of October 3rd, 2022.

We will be making these tarps available for pickup as soon as they arrive in the area. NO PRICE GOUGING HERE! ONLY 4.3¢ PER SQUARE FOOT! This is REAL wholesale pricing.

Reserve Your Tarp Order NOW. Here’s the List of What’s On the Truck:

400) 10×12 packed 20/case $5.09 each

1000) 20×30  packed 4/case $25.43 each

500) 30×40 packed 2/case $50.85 each

1000) 30×50 packed 1/case $63.56 each

Please order by phone: 941-666-6355 or email

Each item listed above is linked to each item on our website. If you order online, the website will add a shipping charge, so if you CAN pickup your order in Sarasota, you will not pay any shipping charge (saves you a LOT of money).


Where To Buy Very Narrow Window Blinds Cheap!

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narrow window blinds

Window treatments for people who need to cover very narrow windows.

Window Blinds to Fit Narrow Windows

Very narrow windows are often built next to the front door of a home. They’re commonly known as “sidelights.” Some homes use frosted glass, some use curtains, and some use blinds.

doors with sidelights
The image on the left shows a door with 2 narrow sidelights that have narrow Faux Wood blinds. The image on the right show double-door with windows. Don’t you think this door would look better with a couple of Faux Wood or mini blinds instead of the shabby, old-looking curtains?

Most homeowners or renters typically need only one blind to cover their sidelight, but some doors are made with 2 sidelights. There are also doors – and double doors with glass lights which often need to be covered for privacy.

  1. Why are the narrow blinds so expensive compared to some of the wider blinds with the same material?
  2. Why is it so hard to find narrow window blinds?

Why Are Smaller (or Narrower) Blinds More Expensive Than Some Larger Sizes?

There are a few reasons why smaller (narrower and/or shorter) blinds are more expensive than some of their larger counterparts.

  1. Narrow window blinds are a specialty item. It’s much more common for people to order custom blinds for their very narrow windows. Custome-made blinds are drastically more expensive.
  2. They are a low-volume seller. A typical home has at least a dozen (and often) several dozen windows. But a home that needs a blind that’s less than 20″ wide is very rare. We need to order a large quantity of each size and color blind when we make an order with the factory. This means we have to sit on the inventory for a long time. Inventory sitting on a shelf is costly. Keeping a broad range of sizes means we have larger warehouse space and more “money” sitting on shelves.
  3. They cost less in terms of material, but the assembly takes the same amount of time in production. The labor required to make smaller blinds is just as much as it is to make larger blinds.

The Narrowest Stock Window Blinds Available

The narrowest stock size window blinds we have are 10″ wide and 72″ long. These are in our Faux Wood line.

The narrowest stock size vinyl mini blind we have is 11″ wide and 72″ long. These are available in Light-Filtering and Room Darkening.

We have 11″ wide Aluminum mini blinds too. And I’ll add that we also have Aluminum blinds 107″ wide! A massive selection of sizes!

All of our window blinds come in White and most come in Alabaster (off-white).

Visit our site to see the fill gamut of wholesale window blinds and shades.

What Is The Best Product To Cover a Garage Floor

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classic car garage showroom

There are a number of choices when it comes to covering or coating a garage floor. In this article, we’re talking directly to 3 types of buyers:

  1. Average homeowners who simply want to spruce up their garage. Perhaps it’s to hide ugly oil stains or hairline cracks.
  2. The homeowner who wants to turn their garage into a great looking room – a Man Cave. a game room, or a neat and organized workshop for example.
  3. Car or Motorcycle lovers who want to proudly showcase their vehicles.

The Most Economical Garage Floor Covering

The most economical flooring is a matter of opinion. Like most products, buying the lowest priced are usually not the most economical. Here are some points to consider:

  • Are you willing to install the flooring yourself? Most flooring professional installers charge more for their labor than the price of the product. To keep your costs down, you may want to focus on purchasing a product that is easy to install.
  • What kind of traffic occurs in your garage? Will you be parking vehicles in your garage? Are you planning an office, a man cave, or a game room? If so, most good quality floor paints will do the trick but we have found a Garage Floor Tile that’s economical and incredibly practical.
  • Rolling heavy tool boxes, floor jacks, or jack stands around? Sorry to tell you, but your typical concrete job in your home garage is probably not going to bear the punishment of that kind of equipment, let alone paint, epoxy finishes, or tile. You’ll need to be prepared to lay something more industrial down for that application.

Why Peel & Stick Garage Floor Is The Best Home Garage Flooring Solution

Black & White garage floor tile
Showcase your pride & joy classic car!

After more than 20 years of using and selling peel & stick vinyl flooring, we have discovered and developed a material that’s thick enough and has the right stuff for an easy, successful installation and a long-lasting finish…in a variety of solid colors and patterns. Here’s what WE think are the best and most important attributes to make this product a great choice:

  1. Super-Easy to Install: Anyone can do it. Just lay one peel & stick tile in front of the other and work your way from the garage door straight to the back wall (or wherever you want to stop)…rinse & repeat!
  2. It’s Easy to Cut & Measure: Tiles are 12″x 12″ or 18″ x 18″ and you can cut them (if you need to) with a basic utility knife and a straight edge.
  3. Keep Your Leftovers For Replacement: A typical garage floor wears in very specific places. Tires basically run over the same tiles over and over again, as do trash cans and bicycles. Buyers usually order a little more than they need and the leftovers can come in handy for replacing heavily-worn tiles. Simply heat the affected tiles (even years after the original installation) and the glue is reactivated. Lift the tiles with a putty knife and drop in a new tile. Voila! Like new again! The rest of the floor gets very little traffic so the floor stays practically new forever.

Vinyl Tile vs. Epoxy Paint for Garage and Basement Floors

About 25% of our customers have come to us as a result of failed epoxy paint. Whether you buy the material and do it yourself or hire a pro, epoxy paint is expensive, difficult to apply, and often fails. We hear a lot of sad stories (angry may be a better word).

Glitter Crafts on a Dime

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Glitter Crafts are Therapeutic

I don’t know about you, but I have a real love/hate relationship with making glitter crafts. Students love them because they’re  pretty and fun, but the glitter gets EVERYWHERE! It sticks to things and just doesn’t let go. It makes a HUGE mess and if you get it in the carpet? Forget it, you’re going to have glitter in your carpet forever. And yet, we still use it because we care about our students and want their learning experience to be as engaging as possible.

This is especially true fir our wonderful SPED teachers. You want your students to succeed but it can often be difficult to make sure everyone is engaged and learning in a way that is conducive to them-especially with limited resources. As a former aid in many SPED classrooms, I saw first hand how these classes can often get overlooked. As someone with ADHD myself, I know first-hand how important it is to have the ability to learn in your own way. Sometimes that means tools and aids that are conducive to their learning style and often those tools come in the form of toys. And having worked in schools I know that sometimes they are hard to get or provide for your students and you often have to buy your own supplies.

Why Buy Wholesale?

We understand the struggle to provide an interactive learning experience. We know how expensive the craft stores can be as well. You shouldn’t have to pay so much but you do because you care. Thankfully, if you buy in bulk from us, you can save a lot of money. We are here for you! Whether you need a craft or a tool that won’t break the bank and will help you and your students, here are some Ideas for you. Now I know that these require a LOT of glue and glitter. However, buying in bulk wholesale can save you money over time and keep you well stocked all year!

Glitter Bottles 2 ways


We all know that glitter bottles are a great tool and easy to make. You can even involve your students in this process. I recommend using old water bottles to keep costs down and re purpose plastic!


For both jars you will need:


The proportions of the glue and water are 20% glue, 80% water

Bottle 1

In a mixing bowl, mix the glue and water together along with glitter and liquid watercolor (see below). Mix well and add it to the bottle. And that’s it! Make sure that the water is cool when you put the lid back on. For safety, I also recommend super gluing the lid onto the bottle.

Liquid Watercolor

Take the color cake from the set of colors and cover it with the water. Let it sit for a couple minutes before stirring it until it is well mixed. Easy!

Pro Tip: Use two different colors of different sizes to make it even more awesome!

Bottle 2

For this one instead of clear glue, add the same amount into the mix. Same 20/80 with glitter but no watercolor. That’s it!

Glitter Slime

Now this one I wish I had been able to have when I was a kid! It’s an easy tool that you can do with your students and maybe even be able to have a mini science lesson.


You will need:

  1. Glitter glue
  2. Liquid starch
  3. Craft sticks

You will want to use 1/3 cup to every bottle of glue. Next, mix the starch and glue together with your craft stick until it seems mixed. After that, go in with your hands and kneed it til it turns into slime!

If you want to use multiple colors, just not all at once! Repeat as many times as you have colors. Roll the colors you want to use together and line them up next to each other. Take you slime and twist them together and roll it into a ball. Now you can play to your heart’s content. As you play with it, the colors will mix up into a more “galaxy” effect.

It is up to you how your students use these. However, I recommend putting them in tubs for your kids as a sensory box that they can pull out when they need them!


Tarps for Protecting Life and Property

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blue tarps for sale online
Tarps small enough to cover a bicycle are large enough to cover a house. All tarps sold at truly low wholesale prices. COMPARE!

With summer upon us and the weather getting nicer, that means Construction – Renovation – and Hurricane Season. Whether you are building, renovating, or protecting property, something you will always need is tarps.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY of tarps.

Who Uses Tarps?

If you live in a highrise apartment building, you may not have any reason to own a tarp, but if you have a house, a tarp can come in handy for things you may need to cover outside like

  • Patio furniture
  • Your BBQ grill
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, and boats

They can also be used for making a makeshift tent for camping.

What are the Uses of Tarps that are Purchased in Bulk By Big Users

Buyers of larger quantities of tarps include:

  • Roofing contractors who use them to cover roofs during roof renovations
  • Tarping contactors (who are often roofing contractors too) jump into action to cover roofs after heavy storms
  • Cities, Counties, and benevolent groups buy tarps in bulk to donate to the homeless for temporary shelter
  • Retailers like hardware stores, and sporting goods stores, sell tarps and therefore need to buy in bulk to resell them

Where Are Some Places Tarps Used?

Tarps are used:

  • In the trucking business for keeping bulk material from spraying out of the top of open-top trucks
  • At campgrounds where people need to be prepared for all kinds of shelter or ground-covering needs
  • In the yard for covering bulk materials which may need to be kept dry or safe from blowing away in the wind
Heavy duty 6mil blue tarps
Choose heavy-duty 6mil Blue Tarps for durability at an economical price point.

Blue Tarps Are 6mil Thick – Silver Tarps Are 10mil Thick

6mil Blue Tarps are considered heavy duty (as opposed to their much lighter, inferior counterpart, 3mil blue tarps).

Blue Tarps Are Used WHEN:

  • You need to protect your belongings from the elements
  • You want a tarp that will last  for a long time and for keeping to be used again
  • When you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a tarp (blue tarps are economical)
Silver/Black tarps are extra heavy duty
Silver/Black Tarps provide greater durability and functionality than a typical tarp. They cost a little more but provide longer life.

Silver Tarps with Black On the Reverse Side Are Used When:

  • …A heavier, more durable tarp is needed. Silver/Black tarps are 10mil thick so they’re more durable.
  • …the tarp will be subject to the punishment of high winds, snow, ice, and…
  • …intense heat is an issue. The purpose of a silver side of a silver/black tarp is to reflect UV rays. This keeps the item being covered cooler which could be desirable in most situations. The black side could be facing outward in a situation that benefits by absorbing the heat of the sun to keep what is underneath warmer.

Tarps are extremely versatile and come in an abundance of stock sizes. Our smallest size is 5’x7′ and our largest size is 100’x100′.

Tarps are made with weather-resistant grommets so they can be tied down OR so they can be joined to other tarps in order to extend the coverage area. Rope, twine, zip ties, bungee cords, and rubber straps with ‘S’ hooks are commonly used for fastening tarps.


Fire retardant tarps for sale
Use fire retardant tarps in areas where sparks, open flames, or high voltage equipment is near.

Fire Retardant Tarps

Fire Retardant Tarps are mostly used indoors. They would be used in areas where products or equipment could be exposed to sparks, open flames, or high voltage.

How to Buy Tarps at Low Wholesale Prices online or By Phone

Order tarps at wholesale pricing by calling 1-800-343-0780 or visit our website where you will find a huge selection of sizes and the current wholesale prices.

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. was established in 1986 as a spinoff from the Mazer Family’s old fashioned hardware store (Mike’s Hardware) in Philadelphia, PA.

Wholesale Tarps – Hurricane Season 2022

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hurricane season 2022

The first week of May marks the start of Hurricane Season…and here we are again.

Roofing and Tarping Contractors Order Tarps in Bulk for the Lowest Prices

We reward bulk buyers with the lowest pricing on good quality 6mil Blue Tarps, and 10mil Silver/Black & Green Black Tarps.

We have held our tarp prices steady over the past several years, even with the current worldwide inflation spike – but that doesn’t mean you should wait. A price increase is inevitable!

Cheapest Pricing on Tarpaulins

Compare our tarp prices with anyone and you’ll be hard-pressed to find lower prices. When making your cost comparison, please make sure you look for the thickness of the tarps on the websites you visit. Many tarp sellers supply 3mil tarps which aren’t strong enough for the punishment of high winds. Even a 5mil tarp is 17% thinner than a 6mil tarp but NEVER 17% lower in price.

Be Prepared, Order Your Tarp Ahead!

Prepare your space and take inventory because if you wait until the hurricane is moving toward us, it may be too late to get deliveries into your area.

It happens all the time: the storm is on the radar and it looks like it will be hitting the coast in a week. But if you wait that long, the trucks with the tarps may not get there in time! Sometimes flooding starts ahead of the storm! We see it year after year.

If you make a living protecting properties, protecting your products, or selling tarps in your retail store, now is the time to make space,  take inventory, and take action.

When you buy early, you’ll pay less and you’ll be ready.  COMPARE OUR TARP PRICES, CLICK HERE