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Container Load of Window Blinds

Importing Blinds For Multi-Unit Housing Projects

Do you have a multi-unit housing project coming up? Gonna need a lot of window blinds and patio door verticals? You need a an experienced import agent to help you get the best deal from the factory and a smooth, risk-free transaction.    How to Save Money By Importing Window Blinds for Your Multi-Unit Project A shipping container can transport 1000’s of blinds. Even if you don’t max-out the space

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Window blinds for 10-story building

The Benefits of Importing Window Blinds for Your Apartment Building Project

When it comes to outfitting windows for your Apartment Building, get the best pricing when you buy direct from the factory. For developers, property managers, and large retailers,  importing window blinds by the container-load (or even 1/2 container-load) is a smart choice.  Import Your Window Blinds & Save $1000’s The biggest advantage of importing window blinds in bulk is lowering your cost. Obviously, you can’t go to Walmart and buy

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Container ship entering port

Why Are Asian Import Rates On the Rise?

As an importer and wholesale company, we keep an eye on world markets and the affects of various issues facing commerce around the globe. Just as inflation was beginning to level-off, Pricing for Imported Goods Are Rising Again. Why? How could this be? The Current Situation with Imported Hard Goods from the Orient Several factors are currently contributing to escalating cost of imported goods. Container Shortages: Another significant factor contributing

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Ocean Freight-Import Products

What Does a Customs Broker Do?

A customs broker plays a vital role in international trade by facilitating the movement of goods across borders. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that shipments comply with all relevant customs regulations and requirements. This article is mainly on the topic of customs clearance, understanding rules, compliance, documentation, and avoiding expensive mistakes. Thinking About Importing Something From Overseas? Importing goods from overseas can save you a lot of money –

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SALES REPS WANTED – Sell Window Blinds Bulk to Multi-Unit Builders & Apartment Managers

———————————————————- SALES REPS WANTED TO SERVE APARTMENT BUILDINGS WITH WINDOW BLINDS & SHADES TERRITORIES AVAILABLE IN EVERY STATE. TYPICAL ORDERS RUN $500 – $1000’s Interested? Email ———————————————————-   🌟 Join Our Team as a Sales Representative! 🌟 Are you an enthusiastic sales professional with a passion for serving the multi-family apartment building trade?  We are a leading wholesaler and importer of high-quality window treatments, specializing in 1″ Cordless Vinyl

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