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Wholesale Pricing on USA-Made Contractor Bags

High quality contractor bags

Every business owner wants to pay less for the products they use or sell. Contractor Bags, 42-Gallon, 3mil, Wholesale Pricing We save our customers money on Contractor Bags. How? We sell by the pallet and we deliver to your door. Purchase a full-pallet of Contractor Bags and YOU SAVE MONEY. DO THE MATH! 1 pallet of […]

Trash Can Liners – Wholesale Prices

trash bags and trash can liners made in USA

The trash bags described below are made in the USA. Trash Can Liners – By the Pallet We supply businesses and other organizations who buy trash can liners (trash bags) by the pallet, multiple pallets, and by the truckload. Sizes from 16-gallon thru 60 gallon and in various thicknesses.  (See pricing table below.) Schools Office […]

Tarps for Protecting Life and Property

With summer upon us and the weather getting nicer, that means Construction – Renovation – and Hurricane Season. Whether you are building, renovating, or protecting property, something you will always need is tarps. In this article, we’re going to talk about the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY of tarps. Who Uses Tarps? If you […]

Contractor Bag Comparison Video

This video compares three different brands of Contractor Bags: ‘Husky’, ‘Contractor’s Choice’ (Sold in Home Depot and Lowes), and the third bag is the one WE at Mazer Wholesale, Inc. have been selling for 20 years at a much lower price. In this demonstration, we put the three different bags to the ultimate test. In […]

Clear Contractor Bags-Wholesaler

3 reasons why contractors use clear contractor bags. (See our entire like of heavy duty trash bags…click here) Choose clear contractor bags when you want a large and very strong trash bag. Clear contractor bags are generally stronger and more expensive than black bags. Time is money and business owners invest in heavy duty trash bags […]