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The Most Practical Trash Bags -For High-Volume Disaster Restoration and Demolition Waste

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For high-volume building demolition waste, you’ll want trash bags that are strong, durable, and large enough to hold a substantial amount of debris. Here are some options that are known for their durability and practicality:

Choosing Trash Bags for Your High-Volume Building and Demolition Waste

Below you will find several things to consider of you are bulk buyer of Trashcan Liners, Contractor Bags, Drum Liners, and/or Poly Sheeting

Nothing Less Than 3mil Plastic Bags Are Suitable for Disaster Restoration Waste

  • Contractor Bags: These are heavy-duty bags designed specifically for construction debris. They are typically made of 3mil thick plastic and can withstand sharp objects and heavy loads. When in doubt, 6mil contractor bags are also an option. Contractor bags typically 42-Gallons on volume. Not all Contractor Bags are 3mil. Check the label before purchasing! 

Contractor bags are a high-volume item in the disaster restoration business (Fire-Smoke-Water Damage Cleanup).

  • Drum Liners: These are large, heavy-duty bags that are often used to line drums for industrial purposes as well as for use in outdoor events and for municipal waste. Drum liners are typically 55-gallons in volume but can be as light is 1.2mil. For heavier loads, stepping up to a 1.5 or 1.7mil liner is an option. There’s nothing worse that picking up rubbish from a bag that was overloaded.


  • Clear Plastic Sheeting: While not a trash bag per se, clear plastic sheeting can be used to create makeshift bags for large volumes of waste. It is strong and can be easily tied up for disposal. This product comes in packages of 9’x12′ – 3mil, 10’x25′, 10’x100′. Most sizes are available in various thicknesses from 1mil to 6mil and beyond. Plastic sheeting has many uses on the construction and building restoration industry and beyond.


  • Trash Can Liners: Trash can liners are generally 1.2mil to 2mil thickness. You would use this type of  bags for common waste as opposed to building materials waste. Common uses for trash can liners are in schools, office buildings, outdoor recreational areas, camps and campsites, and endless other scenarios.

When choosing trash bags for high-volume building and demolition waste, be sure to consider the weight and type of waste you will be disposing of, as well as any regulations or requirements in your area for waste disposal.

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