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How to Save a Ton of Money On Contractor Bags


In 2022, I created a video showcasing three different types of contractor bags, each with its own unique qualities.  Each bag was filled with the same contents: 1-1/2 heavy (previously recycled)  splintered pointy wooden pallets which were broken into pieces and loaded with nails and screws.

contractor bag demonstration-loading broken debris
Demonstrating the value of 3 different brands of contractor bags.

The 2 images above are showing 1-1/2 wood pallets with jagged, splintery wood boards, loaded with nails and screws sticking out in every direction. Real nasty stuff.

The first bag I tested was the well-known Husky brand, widely regarded as a top-tier option. Next, I examined the bags sold at Lowe’s hardware stores, and finally, I presented the generic brand supplied by a private factory with which my company has a long-standing relationship.

contrctor bags- 50 per box
This brand comes in a choice of 20 bags, 50 bags, or 100 bags per box.

My collaboration with this factory dates back to 2001, and over the years, the quality of their bags has continually and significantly improved. While they may not bear a recognizable brand name, they offer a more affordable alternative to the leading brands.

Why Big Users Prefer THESE Bags Over The Big Brands

In my demonstration, I highlighted the impact of this recycled material on the bags’ durability. Yes, our bag contains a marginally higher recycled plastic content – But don’t think it causes the seal at the bottom of the bag to give out! Not at all!

Each Bag Was Subjected to 63 Pounds of Nasty!

OUR CONTRACTOR BAGS may be more prone to a few more isolated puncture holes when faced with nails, screws, broken splintered pieces of wood and building materials, they still maintain their integrity and hold the same amount of material as their pricier counterparts.

“Is 63 pounds ALL these bags can hold?” NO! OF COURSE NOT!

 Although this demo was made to show how a radically nasty load held up very well against bags that are 21% more expensive, all these bags can handle heavier loads.

The bottom line is that by choosing our bags, customers save an average of $400 to $500 per pallet. As of the date of this post (February 11, 2024) Home Depot’s price for 50-count Husky Brand contractor bags is $29.97. That’s 60¢/bag. Our price is 49¢/bag.

You Save $440.00 Per Pallet With FREE SHIPPING!

(As of this date: 2/11/24 CLICK HERE to visit our website))

When evaluating this cost savings against an occasional few small holes, the value is undeniable. In fact, it seems wasteful to invest in more expensive options when the savings with our bags are so substantial.

Our Contractor Bag and Drum Liner Business Continues to Grow

With over two decades of experience selling these bags, we continue to attract new customers who recognize the tremendous value they offer. Our factory’s investments in equipment and sourcing of high quality raw materials translate into stable pricing and customer satisfaction.

I invite you to consider trying a pallet of our contractor bags. The potential savings are significant, particularly for those who regularly require a large quantity of bags. By making a calculated decision to switch to our brand, you have the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money on every purchase.

In conclusion, the choice to purchase your contractor bags by the pallet is a smart and practical one. So, stop overpaying for brand names and start reaping the rewards of a more cost-effective option. Experience the savings!

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