General Hardware Items – Great Sellers

Looking to add variety to your retail store or wto ebsite? Here’s a great selection.

Hardware Items That Can Be Sold In Any Store That Sells General Merchandise

Do you have a retail store that sells general merchandise? Housewares, Hardware, Kitchen Goods, Tools, and/or Automotive Items can be sold in all kinds of stores.

Check out this list of products you can buy wholesale and sell at a 2x or more profit margin.

  • STICK-ON MAGENTIC SQUARES –  24 magnetic adhesive 1″ squares in this pack. Peel & stick on almost any surface.
  • Swivel Snaps- 2-1/2″ x 5/8″ Snap Hook with Swivel End Pack of 2 – These chrome-plated steel swivel snaps have dozens of uses.
  • Quick Link – A Quick Link gives the ability to connect to a swivel snap, to a piece of chain or to connect and chain to another piece of chain.
  • Suction Cups with Hook – A pack of 9 clear suction cups, each with a metal hook. These are great for hanging lightweight decorations or paper signs on windows or other smooth surfaces.
  • Double-Faced Foam Tape – A pack of 2 rolls totaling 21.5 feet in length and 3/4″ wide. Cut’s easily with a pair of scissors to make the size needed.
  • Cushioned Furniture Protectors – A pack of 38 adhesive-backed cushions for protecting furniture – Protection for Floors, Furniture, and Decorations made of Glass, Wood, Metal.

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