Why Our Contractor Bags Beat Husky Brand in Value

In the world of construction and Disaster Restoration Contracting, pennies count. Large-Quantity Users (like you) know the importance of quality contractor bags that can handle heavy loads. Now you can order by the pallet without breaking the bank with our Wholesale Pricing on USA-made 3mil Contractor Bags, offering you a better value proposition compared to the well-known Husky brand bags.

The Size and Thickness Match

When it comes to the essentials, size and strength matter most. Our contractor bags are engineered to be on par with Husky bags in terms of size and thickness. This means that you’re getting the same level of durability and capacity when you choose our bags for your projects. You won’t have to compromise on quality.

Price: A Significant 20% Difference

The biggest differentiator between our contractor bags and Husky bags is the price. Our bags are a whopping 20% cheaper than their Husky counterparts. Let’s break this down with a real-world example: Imagine you need to purchase a pallet of 80 boxes, each containing 50 bags. That’s a total of 4,000 bags.

contrctor bags- 50 per box

  • Our price per bag: $0.48
  • Husky’s price per bag: $0.60

Now, let’s do the math. When you choose our bags over Husky, you’re saving $0.12 per bag.

$0.12 savings per bag x 4,000 bags = $480.00 in savings on a pallet…PLUS FREE DELIVERY*

*As of January, 2024 (check our current website price here)

That’s right, by choosing our contractor bags, you save a whopping $480.00 on a single pallet purchase! Imagine the savings if you’re a contractor who goes through multiple pallets a year.

Durability That Surpasses Expectations

Some might argue that Husky bags contain less recycled plastic, but here’s the kicker: it’s a rare occurrence when one of OUR contractor bags gives way under the weight of your materials. Our bags may occasionally show puncture holes from nails, screws, jagged pieces of lumber, and metal, but they will contain loads of as much as most workers can handle.

The Bottom Line: Big Savings

As of the day of this post, our price per bag is 48 cents, while Husky bags cost 60 cents each. This price difference might not seem substantial on its own, but when you’re purchasing bags in bulk, the savings add up exponentially.

Over the course of a year, you could save thousands of dollars by choosing our contractor bags over Husky. That’s money that can be reinvested in your projects or used to grow your business.

Convenience Matters: Free Delivery

Another significant benefit of choosing our bags is the convenience of free delivery. Do you currently send your crew to pick up contractor bags at the hardware store? Consider the cost of man-hours, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear. Those trips add up to expensive overhead.

By stocking up and buying in pallet quantities from us, you not only save money on the bags themselves but also eliminate the hidden costs associated with pickup trips. It’s a win-win situation for your business.


In the world of construction and contracting, every decision counts. When it comes to choosing contractor bags, our USA-made 3mil bags offer an unbeatable combination of size, strength, and savings. Don’t let the big brand name sway you; our bags have proven time and again that they can handle the toughest jobs while keeping your budget in check.

Make the smart choice today and switch to our contractor bags. Your wallet and your crew will thank you.

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