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Supplies for Helping the Homeless-Wholesale

Tarp used as blanket and shelter

Tens of thousands (maybe more) of Homeless Americans live outdoors. They battle the elements every day and every night. Local governments around the nation have sprung to action to keep our citizens, including the homeless, safer and more comfortable by providing fundamental supplies. Cities have set up free-meal sites and meal distribution which provides for […]

Peel & Stick Flooring for Garage-Park Your Car On It

“Can you park a car on it?” Hell yeah! Take a look at these beauties. “Will it work in my garage? I live in Florida.” Hell yeah! We sell this product in Florida all the time. I came down in Fort Myers area for vacation last summer. I told this customer I love to vacation […]

Good Garage Floor Tile that’s Cheap and Easy to Install

The 10-year experiment is over and so it’s time to flaunt this inexpensive garage floor product to the world. A question came in on our YouTube channel this morning: Q.: “Almost 10 yrs have passed, how did it hold up mate?” A: It’s now 9 years and 2 months since I personally installed this tile […]

Where to Buy Extra Long Window Blinds

You’re looking for blinds to cover long windows and you can’t find any stores or suppliers. Extra long blinds are hard to find. Retailers and wholesalers who carry mini blinds carry a limited amount of sizes. It’s expensive and difficult to stock all sizes and types of blinds. Mazer Wholesale is the exception. The Biggest […]

Adult Coloring Books, Cheap!

adult coloring books ASST

If you’re looking for a good deal on adult coloring books, Mazer Wholesale is where you can find them cheap. Bulk Sales, Our Specialty We supply adult coloring books in bulk to Retailers Hospital Gift Stores Fund Raisers Charitable Organization Adult coloring books come 2 themes per case. There are 48 books per case. Each […]

2″ Vinyl Blinds, Classic Venetian Blind Look

Old fashioned Venetian Blinds have come full-circle and beyond. Introducing VINYL PLUS, the window blind that looks like traditional Venetian Blinds your great grandparents used but blend glamorously into any decor. Features of the Vinyl Plus Venetian Blinds: Room Darkening-keeps rooms dark when you want them dark. Extruded PVC slats are static-resistant and easy to […]

Cheap Window Treatments That Are Beautiful and Safe

Mazer Wholesale is on the leading edge of the mandatory transition from traditional window blinds to cordless. As always, lowest pricing for the best quality product in its class drives our philosophy as a supplier to the property management and retail trades. Keeping Kids Safe – New Window Treatments Law As of December 18, 2018, all stock* […]

Contractors Trash Bags- New Lay-Flat Detached from Roll

Mazer Wholesale is always finding innovative ways to bring the lowest prices on the things businesses need, use and sell. In partnership with our trash bag factory, we have recently retooled some machinery to bring the disaster restoration industry, and the maintenance and janitorial industries a new item which will save time and money. Heavy Duty Contractor […]

Servpro Contractor Bag Special

Reserve your FREE GLOVES now to be delivered when you’re ready to place your order for a pallet of contractor bags.  Servpro: Claim your FREE Heavy Duty Leather Palm Work Gloves now. Order a pallet of contractor bags to be delivered any time between now and October 31st, 2015. 42-Gallon, 3mil Contractor Bags, made in USA […]

Discount Garage Floor Tile-Easy to Install-DIY

The options will make you dizzy. For covering a garage floor, there are lots of choices. The costs run across a full range.  If you’re looking for a great-looking flooring solution on a low budget, we have a proven winner. Cheap Vinyl Garage Floor Tile. Anyone Can Install It. No Special Skills Required Andrew Mazer, […]