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Contractors Trash Bags- New Lay-Flat Detached from Roll

Mazer Wholesale is always finding innovative ways to bring the lowest prices on the things businesses need, use and sell. In partnership with our trash bag factory, we have recently retooled some machinery to bring the disaster restoration industry, and the maintenance and janitorial industries a new item which will save time and money.

Heavy Duty Contractor Bags in New Lay-flat Pack

wholesale contractor bags
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The Lay-Flat Pack has been developed because we know time is money.  Now, you can order the lay-flat pack so you no longer need to pull bags from a roll to find the seam and tear bags off one-by-one.  Order a pallet of the lay-flat contractor bags here.

Although tearing bags off a roll doesn’t take a long time, like pennies, second add up.  When you save pennies on the contractor bags you use every day in your business, those pennies add up. Most of our customers save an average of at least 13¢ per bag. When they buy a pallet of 2880 bags, they’re saving an an incredible $374.40 over their previous supplier.  That’s HUGE.

Even further, if they were picking their bags up from their former supplier, they were spending time. Time getting there, coming back, loading them into their vehicle and then unloading.  This is time they were either spending on personnel or their own time…away from the office or away from their family (or the golf course!).

The extra seconds that’ll be saved by using the lay-flat pack will add up too. It may take more than 10 seconds to peel a contractor bag off the roll.  If that’s true, then the flat pack will save 480 minutes per pallet (2880 bags x 10 seconds=28,800 seconds).  That adds up to a full-day’s work!

The Same Low Wholesale Price as our Regular Contractor Bags

We have teamed up with the factory to produce the lay-flat bags at the same low wholesale price as our rolled bags. You pay nothing more of the convenience and time-saving of the flat pack.  We will continue to find ways to save our customers money with low wholesale pricing and smart ways to save time, both of which create great value.

Who We Serve:

We serve businesses and organizations- saving them money on things they use and sell every day, including but not limited to;

Property Management and Maintenance, Disaster Restoration, Disaster Recovery, and Relief, Schools, Churches and Facilities Management, Non-Profit Organizations, Summer Camps, and Event Management

Our Product Line is Diverse. We Sell:

Window Blinds, Shades and Vinyl Flooring, Heavy Duty Trash Bags and Poly Sheeting, Tarps and Personal Protection Gear, Door Locks, Hardware, and Plumbing Items, Paint Sundries and Adhesive Tapes, Stationary and School Supplies, Janitorial Supplies and Seasonal Goods, Inflatable Beds

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