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3 reasons why contractors use clear contractor bags. (See our entire like of heavy duty trash bags…click here)

Choose clear contractor bags when you want a large and very strong trash bag. Clear contractor bags are generally stronger and more expensive than black bags. Time is money and business

Clear contractors trash bags-wholesale prices
Super strong, clear bags save you money. Buy wholesale and save!

owners invest in heavy duty trash bags to reduce the chances of breaking bags.

Clear Contractor Bags are Stronger and More Flexible

  1. Clear contractor bags are stronger because they have to be made from virgin materials. Black bags can use a certain amount of recycled plastic in the manufacturing process. This is known as regrind. Recycled plastic is simply not as strong as virgin plastic. Recycled plastic cannot be used for clear bags because recycled plastic is not clear therefore cannot be used to make clear plastic bags. Because only virgin material can be used to make clear contractor bags they are naturally stronger. Even though they are the same thickness and weight. The virgin material of the clear contractor bag is stronger and more flexible.
  2. Another reason contractors use clear bags is to keep an eye on what is actually being thrown away. Unfortunately and as we all know when we have more people on the job there is more opportunity for taking shortcuts and especially for theft. Business owners cannot afford to have their tools stolen. Some workers tend to hide tools in black bags and then come back to the work site in the evening to salvage the tools they have hidden in the trash. Owners or foreman on the job can see through the clear bags to make sure they are not being ripped off by employee theft. And finally owners don’t want their employees stealing from the job site. Stealing from their clients would be a disaster. Just as employees can steal tools from the contractor they can also steal from the property where they are working. These are of course in the residences or businesses and we don’t need the headache or reputation of having missing goods from our clients properties.
  3. And finally some municipalities require clear contractor bags to make sure that recyclable material is not being thrown out with the regular trash. Municipalities which require clear bags will also dish out fines for not recycling properly. And in some municipalities, black bags simply will not be picked up.

For these reasons many smart contractors choose to pay a little bit more and use clear contractor bags on the job.

Buy Clear Contractor Bags at Wholesale Prices.

3mil, 42-gallon contractor bags can be purchased at wholesale prices one pallet at a time with our factory-direct deal. Mazer Wholesale, Inc. has a special relationship with a major American bag manufacturer so now businesses can purchase these super-strong contractor bags at a very low wholesale price.

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