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Supplies for Helping the Homeless-Wholesale

Tarp used as blanket and shelter

Tens of thousands (maybe more) of Homeless Americans live outdoors. They battle the elements every day and every night.

Local governments around the nation have sprung to action to keep our citizens, including the homeless, safer and more comfortable by providing fundamental supplies.

Cities have set up free-meal sites and meal distribution which provides for basic nourishment. Free clinics provide for medical and dental needs.

Shelter for those living outdoors is an ongoing problem. We who live in or near urban areas see homeless people living outdoors, sometimes under the cover of a highway overpass, sometimes in wooded areas near the roadside, and sometimes in plain sight on city sidewalks.

Order Supplies for the Homeless in Bulk for Distribution

wool blankets-wholesale price
Wool blankets are both warm and lightweight. They don’t absorb water either.

Tarps for shelter and to keep their belongings hidden and dry. Blankets are needed for obvious reasons. rope or twine comes in handy to tie down tarps and to tie bundle those bundles of belongings when necessary.

The population of homeless is growing and supplies are required in bulk, wholesale quantities. Cities, counties, churches, non-profit organizations, and benevolent groups are stepping up to help.

Homeless people need the following items:

  • Tarps– Tarps provide shelter and a way to help keep their belonings safe and dry.
  • Twine– A 150′ ball of twine is handy to tie the tarp down in a way to make a shelter and to bundle belongs when they’re not in use. Bundling is also necessary when there comes a need for the person to relocate.
  • Blankets– We recently received an order from a county on Oregon for several thousand blankets to provide to the homeless there. Surely the need for blankets is everywhere in the country, even in the southern states.
  • Hygiene items such as soap, toothbrushes, hair brushes, and combs.
  • Clothing and coats. The homeless aren’t too picky, but it’s encouraged to donate clothing in decent condition.

This list is just a handful of basic needs. The homeless need much, much more.

Survival Outdoors for Homless People

It’s a great feeling to help people in need, even if it’s with the bare minimum for survival. It’s easy to take the challenges of cold, wet winters and blistering hot summers for granted when you have a comfortable home and bed.

We are fortunate to be called upon to provide several of the items on this list. We find business owners find great, rewards in helping those in need with donations of all kinds- from money to toothpaste, from reading glasses to shoes, from socks to warn winter hats, and more.

Equally important is to get the children involved. The act of giving one’s time, attention, and belongings to others is a great lesson for youngsters.

We urge you to get involved and pass it along…and bring the kids!

Mazer Wholesale, Inc. sells supplies to organizations in bulk and at wholesale prices to organizations involved in benevolent acts of kindness. Of course, we also make our own contributions as well.

Who We Serve:

We serve businesses and organizations- saving them money on things they use and sell every day, including but not limited to;

Property Management and Maintenance, Disaster Restoration, Disaster Recovery, and Relief, Schools, Churches and Facilities Management, Non-Profit Organizations, Summer Camps, and Event Management

Our Product Line is Diverse. We Sell:

Window Blinds, Shades and Vinyl Flooring, Heavy Duty Trash Bags and Poly Sheeting, Tarps and Personal Protection Gear, Door Locks, Hardware, and Plumbing Items, Paint Sundries and Adhesive Tapes, Stationary and School Supplies, Janitorial Supplies and Seasonal Goods, Inflatable Beds

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