Discount Garage Floor Tile-Easy to Install-DIY

The options will make you dizzy. For covering a garage floor, there are lots of choices. The costs run across a full range.  If you’re looking for a great-looking flooring solution on a low budget, we have a proven winner.

Cheap Vinyl Garage Floor Tile. Anyone Can Install It. No Special Skills Required

Andrew Mazer, in April, 2011, installed a black and white checkerboard tile floor in his home garage. This was in response to dozens of emails and phone calls from people interested in knowing if the flooring sold at Mazer Wholesale, Inc. would adhere to cement and stand up to temperature fluctuations common in a garage environment.  Andrew documented this garage flooring installation on video (click here to view it).  As of this post, every tile is still firmly in place.

In the video, Mr. Mazer explains this is the first time he personally installed a peel & stick tile floor.  “I’m a good business man but I’m a terrible handy man,” he explains. After filling a few crack and holes on the cement with a pre-mixed floor leveling compound, then broom sweeping and washing the 40+ year old floor clean, Mazer installed the floor in 1 day.

ideas for black and white tile floor patterns
Photos of garage flooring installations pour in from our satisfied customers. Some get really creative.

Recently, Mazer has begun selling a new peel & stick vinyl flooring product just a tiny step up in price (currently under 90 cents per square foot) which they’ve tested in the field to withstand the rigors of a parked car.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Tile is an Excellent Choice for the Garage Floor

The peel & stick vinyl tile is a cheap flooring solution. But the cost of the material only the beginning of the story. The fact that most anyone can install it with only the need of a razor knife, a tape measure and a straight edge makes the saving substantial.  The do-it-yourself aspect of this product is probably the biggest savings.

Self Adhesive Tile Installation Tips:

1. Clean, smooth & dry. If the surface is not clean or dry, the tile won’t stick properly. If it’s not smooth, the tile will contour to every bump, dip and crevice.

2. Install when temperature is moderate. Once installed and settled for a day or 2, the adhesive is plenty strong to stand up to fairly extreme temperatures.  In New Jersey, where Mr. Mazer lives, winter temperatures and reach the single digits and in summer, the triple digits.  Temperature and humidity have been a factor but on installation day, it’s important for the temperature to be between 64 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Have a small container of acetone handy. Acetone can be purchased in any hardware store or you can even pick up some nail polish remover at the drug store.  The acetone will melt away any of the sticky glue residue from the tile which may get on your fingers and on the tile.

4. Be patient at the end. The main area of your floor will be done faster than you expect.  The edges and corners are tedious and even though the space is a fraction of the main portion of the room, it will likely take you longer to finish around the outside edges.

Enjoy the process. You’re going to love your new floor and you’ll be really proud of it too.


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