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The Original Peel & Stick Flooring Online

Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer. Back in 1986 I started my wholesale company which was mostly in service to hardware stores. Eventually we started to serve discount stores which ended up turning into serving dollar stores. One of my first lines of items was paint and painting supplies like paint brushes and paint rollers.

Wholesaler of tile flooring
Andrew Mazer has pioneered many products in the retail business. Selling tile online is one of them.

This is How We Got in the Tile Flooring Business

The private factory we were buying our paint from eventually went out of business which left us in a difficult position. Shortly thereafter I was introduced to a cheap peel and stick floor tile which I was told sells very well at the retail stores. I decided to try a small selection of tile and it quickly began to sell. Reorders and bigger orders started coming in so we expanded the line to over 30 patterns in stock.

Online Sales of Peel & Stick Vinyl Floor Tile

We were selling tile out of our warehouse to local businesses for a period of 2-3 years before we even considered putting it on our website.  I didn’t consider it “an internet product.” Eventually we out the tile online. At the time we were not serving consumers, only businesses and our wholesale minimum was $150.00.

There became a point where we too the online order minimum from $150.00 down to $50.00 and orders from consumer started pouring in. Because we sold the tile at a true wholesale price (like all of our other items online) people were thrilled at the pricing.  I scrambled and quickly ordered special shipping cartons and packaging material to accommodate the customers and so I could ship the orders via UPS.

Use Caution When Ordering Tile Online

Now there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of other online resellers advertising similar products for sale on the web.  To my knowledge there are none who answer the phone give advice and stand behind their product as we do.  All I ask is when you’re shopping for tile online, search for a company who answers the phone, can answer your questions, and who takes responsibility if something should ever go wrong such as lost packages or damage in shipping. We love serving customers whether they’re consumers or businesses.  We hope you’ll choose Mazer Wholesale, Inc. established since 1986.


Who We Serve:

We serve businesses and organizations- saving them money on things they use and sell every day, including but not limited to;

Property Management and Maintenance, Disaster Restoration, Disaster Recovery, and Relief, Schools, Churches and Facilities Management, Non-Profit Organizations, Summer Camps, and Event Management

Our Product Line is Diverse. We Sell:

Window Blinds, Shades and Vinyl Flooring, Heavy Duty Trash Bags and Poly Sheeting, Tarps and Personal Protection Gear, Door Locks, Hardware, and Plumbing Items, Paint Sundries and Adhesive Tapes, Stationary and School Supplies, Janitorial Supplies and Seasonal Goods, Inflatable Beds

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