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Garage Flooring-Cheapest & Easiest DIY Vinyl Tile

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There are probably dozens (if not hundreds) of garage flooring options.  For homeowners looking for a low-priced, nice-looking and beautiful solution to cover their cement floor in a garage or basement, we have a product you can install yourself in a matter of hours.

Low-Priced Garage Floor Tile Stands Up to the Weight of a Car, Looks Great and Easy to Install (Perfect for Basements too).

We began carrying a certain line of self-adhesive inexpensive vinyl floor tile back in 2002 and serving it to our retail accounts like hardware stores and home furnishings businesses. Although that tile was not recommended for commercial use, we decided to tile our wholesale showroom, an office and even a couple areas of the warehouse, break room and bathroom area.  The tile held up extremely well-exceeding all expectations.

Can I Use Your Vinyl Peel & Stick Tile on My Garage Floor? (See our patterns here)

Inquiries about using our self-adhesive flooring tiles began pouring in.  We knew our tile outperformed its warranty and all expectations for a discount flooring product from our success in selling the product and by using it but would it stand up for use in a garage?  Most people were particularly interested in installing a black and white checkerboard pattern tile.  I decided I needed to be able to tell my customers with certainty if the tile would work in their garage. I had personally never installed tile (I’m not at all a handyman). But I cleaned out the garage, hired a guy with a video camera and recorded the installation.  That was in April, 2011.

I completed the installation in a 1-car garage within the same day and as of this writing (May 2015) the floor is now 4 years old, looks great and every tile is still firmly in place.

Inspired by the outcome, we decided it was necessary to create a self-adhesive flooring product good enough to park cars on but still cheap enough to sell for about $1.00 per square foot.  We have done just that and now we have a line of self-stick vinyl tile which is beautiful, tough and super-easy to install.

Considering a Surface for Your Garage Floor?

One of our customers called to ask some questions about our peel & stick garage floor tile a few weeks ago.  He, like many other discovered my “garage floor installation video” doing comparisons on a number of garage flooring options. In fact, he called about 4 times. On the last call (to place his order), he told me his main concern was not really the price. He’d visited all the websites, looked at all the reviews on garage floor tile he could find on the various products. “Ultimately”, he said, “the reviews on all the products on the market are mixed. There are pros and cons on every single type of flooring in all the price ranges…I figure I might as well go with the cheapest one.  And besides, you have the pattern I really want.”

Wholesale Prices on Flooring to the Public.

“Why is your tile so inexpensive in comparison to the other options?” was one of the first questions and one we get from customer inquiries continually.

First, we are in the wholesale business. This means we work on a low-price/high-volume pricing model.  Since 1986, the primary focus of our business has been service to retailers. The nature of our pricing philosophy mandates that we give our customers the lowest possible price in order for them to resell our products for a profit.  When we went online back in the year 2000, we posted our true wholesale prices to the world.  That’s how we did it then and that’s how we do it now.  Everyone gets the benefit of our wholesale pricing structure.

The biggest savings is in the cost of installation.

We definitely have the cheapest price of anything specifically marketed as “garage floor” or “basement floor” tile but the other great benefit is the money you’ll save in the installation.  You can do it yourself in a few hours in an afternoon or during a weekend. It’s so rewarding too.  When you’re done, that sense of pride hangs on indefinitely…as long as you own your floor.  Alternatively, it will only take a handyman or someone you may hire through Craigslist a few hours. You don’t need a flooring pro, just someone you can measure, cut and follow directions.


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