Basement Floor Installation of Peel & Stick Vinyl Planks

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Self stick flooring installed in basement
This basement floor and stairs were expertly installed by a 62 year old retired female school teacher from Pennsylvania. Thanks for sharing, Linda. Great job!

This set of photos is sent in by Linda Wieben who lives somewhere out in the mountainous woods around the middle of Pennsylvania.  Linda, a 62-year old retired school teacher is a multi-talented repeat flooring customer of ours who loves to get her hands dirty.  Linda is an inspiration and a model for the human race.  I won’t get into it but she deserves the recognition.

Self-Stick Vinyl Flooring Installed on Cement Basement Floor By Senior Citizen (Female)

Linda shares her skills at installing our vinyl plank flooring on the stairs leading down to her basement which is destined to become a exercise room.  The stair nose seam is competently covered with a piece of brass stair nose molding. Stair nose molding hides the seam where 2 pieces of tile meet, holds them down on the curve of the stair nose and adds a bit of safety with a textured  tread.  Very nicely done.

Dark Wood Pattern, Medium Oak Simulated Wood Vinyl Flooring

Linda chose the Medium Oak pattern which is very rich looking and our darkest wood pattern in this line of peel & stick plank flooring.

We have lots of customers call to ask if we have photo samples of our flooring installed so they can visualize what the goods look like on a real floor.  Well, this is the real deal.  It’s home gym, packed with all the essentials and well appointed with a great looking floor.

It’s always great to have feedback from customers and we thank Linda deeply for her patronage, for sharing the photos of her fine work and especially for the things she does for others.  Thank you, Linda.  We love you.