Potting or Meditation Shed Floor Ideas

The concept of the potting shed is totally new to us here at Mazer Wholesale.  Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer, the founder, owner, president and self-appointed King (because I can do that).  It was about a month ago when I first learn of the concept on the website, Houzz.  I thought, “Ok…the female version of the man cave.

Flooring ideas for back yard shed
Laurie from Kentucky installed our Silver Spruce vinyl floor planks in her potting shed. Great job, Laurie!

Decorating Back Yard Potting Sheds, Yoga Sheds, Meditation Sheds

So what I learned from my point & click excursion is that the back yard shed is no longer a man’s dump for lawn equipment or spare parts for his boat or motorcycle. It’s also a quiet getaway escape woman are using to express their imagination, creativity, and passion. Poking around at some of the images I found some very unique and creative work.

Wow…some of these sheds are absolutely awesome and inspiring.  From quaint gingerbread-looking houses to log cabins to what look like lovely little homes appointed with crafts, plants, shrubs, sun roofs, and even greenhouse additions!

An Easy-To Install and Beautiful Flooring Solution for a Shed

Laurie M from LaGrange Kentucky called a couple of weeks ago, shortly after I happened upon this topic on the Houzz website. She was inquiring if I would recommend our self-adhesive wood-look floor planks for shed in a potting shed.  “The truth is,” I told her, this material is designed to be installed indoors, however, in my 14 years of experience selling and using this product, it routinely outperforms it’s warranty and recommended use.”

The wood floor in her shed, being it was smooth was an excellent surface on which to install.  In my experience with the product, when the surface on which our peel & stick vinyl floor is clean, smooth & dry, you’re going to get good adhesion.  I also recommend the temperature should be at least in the mid 60’s to upper 70’s.  In Kentucky this time of year, the conditions are just right.

Laurie is thrilled with the results, the price she paid and the fact that she could install the flooring all by herself.  It’s a thrill for me to receive Laurie’s photo and kind words about her satisfactory experience.

To shop online for the lowest prices for peel & stick vinyl flooring for your shed, garage floor, or your home, visit or call 1-800-343-0780.

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