Clear Contractor Trash Bags

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Bulk Purchase Clear Contractor Trash Bags

The use of clear trash bags has been a hot topic in many areas of the country.  Numerous municipalities are requiring residents and workers to use clear trash bags instead of black so waste companies can see what is in the bags.  This makes it much easier to pick out the objects being thrown away that can actually be recycled.  While it may seem like a nuisance for people, clear trash bags are readily available for purchase.

At Mazer Wholesale, we carry a variety of heavy duty contractor trash bags, including clear bags.

These are the perfect trash bags for companies who are required to use clear bags.  The clear trash bags we carry are 3mil thick, and 42 gallons.  These bags are very high quality and incredibly durable.  When you buy these bags in bulk from a true wholesaler, we believe you will save a ton of money than buying from other retailers.  They come in boxes of 20 bags, and are sold by the pallet, which consists of 144 boxes.

Having a high-quality trash bag is important for people who work in restoration, roofing, landscaping, and other fields of work.  Especially when you use a lot of these bags, getting these bags at the best price is also important.  Our clear trash bags are made with a premium blend of plastic, making them very durable.  They are ideal for recycling purposes, storage, and for whenever municipalities require waste to be in clear bags.  Check them out today and see how much you can save by buying in bulk from a true wholesaler!