Installing Peel & Stick Tile Over Old Tile Floor

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Wholesale Peel & Stick  Floor Tiles

This is a video contributed by a repeat customer.

People often ask us if they can lay our self-stick vinyl tile on top of their old linoleum or tile floor.

I always tell people that the manufacturer does not recommend it.  However, we have seen many successful installations.  Since Marty has done this before and he’s come back for more, this is the perfect case study.

Marty works in a manufacturing plant with several offices. He installed our black and white tile in a checkerboard pattern on top of 30-year old vinyl tile.

His company recently acquired 2 more offices in the same building and Marty was put to the task of installing new tile in these old restrooms too.

When placing the order on the phone, Marty was telling me how great his first experience was with our peel & stick tile. Then he offered to take video.

I said, “Marty, no one can help us sell tile better than our satisfied customers. If you will take video and share it with our future prospective customers, that would be fantastic!”

Marty does a great job showing and telling so….take it away, Marty! And thank you.

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