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Thank you for sharing, Ruben B from the great state of Georgia.

Black and White Pattern Tile for Cement Garage Floor

Garage floor tile
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Ruben called to ask how I think our tile would work out on his garage floor in Georgia.  He explained that his floor was in very good condition and that he was in preparations to making his new “Man Cave”.  I directed him to check out my video because I’d installed the tile in my garage a few years back on a floor which was much older and a little bit grimy with ground-in dirt and oil stains.

People always want to get information about the product but no one can tell the story like satisfied customers. Ruben placed the order and a few days later generously supplied us with these photos of his garage floor tile project in-progress.

In an email, Ruben described his experience with the installation and suggested a product called Henry’s Bond Enhancer (sold at most any major hardware store or flooring retailer).  The bond enhancer is not an adhesive but rather provides a chemical substrate which seals the porous concrete to establish a better bond between the adhesive-backed tile and the cement.  I have never used this product but I’ve had other customers who also recommend it.  It surely can’t hurt.

Ruben adds one more tip: “When making a man cave, do NOT show your wife the floor until AFTER you put all your stuff back in the room because if she sees it empty, she’s gonna have a whole mess of new ideas for your space.”

Thanks again for sharing, Ruben.  Please keep in touch and don’t forget to tell your friends where you got a great deal on a great floor!



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