Peel & Stick Flooring for Garage-Park Your Car On It

Installation in Fort Myers, Florida

“Can you park a car on it?” Hell yeah! Take a look at these beauties.

“Will it work in my garage? I live in Florida.” Hell yeah! We sell this product in Florida all the time.

I came down in Fort Myers area for vacation last summer. I told this customer I love to vacation in Florida and asked if I could come visit him and take a first hand look at his mini car museum he made in his warehouse.

Gorgeous Garage Floor Installation

I was blown away at the job he did in that room. This short video might give you some ideas on how to showcase your treasured vehicles or just give you the inspiration for a man cave in your own garage or basement.

Another happy Garage Flooring customer.

Looking for a cheap and easy way to beautify your garage? It really starts with a great looking floor. Create your own car museum or man cave.

It was a great experience visiting our customer in Fort Myers, Florida.

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