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Showroom-Style Garage Project

Wow! We’ve seen a lot of great projects from our friends and customers here at Mazer Wholesale, but this one is certainly one of our favorites. Thanks to Vaughn and Tamy C. for sharing these pictures of the project from start to finish.

The project used Mazer Wholesale’s 12″ black and white peel-and-stick floor tiles (Click here for to see these tiles – and more – on our online catalog.) Lots of customer have been using them for racetrack-style / checkered flag floor designs… but there are so many other ways the tiles can be arranged. (Click here for more customer project pictures.)

Check out the transformation of the space – from average (and yes, large) garage space to a classic car showroom… and more!

Getting started: As you can see, you don’t need to do a lot of special preparation on the existing floor. This is a regular concrete floor that’s been thoroughly swept and cleaned. Pressure washing is nice, but NOT required.

Installation going nicely! The tiles are 12″x12″, so they’re easy to position. Remember, these are “peel and stick” tiles, so there’s no messing around with paint-on glues or other adhesives.

Almost done! Tiles are shipped in packs of 10. That’s 120 square feet per pack, with half black and half white tiles in each pack. Customers can definitely install these themselves – no need to hire an expensive installation team. Peel and stick as needed, and use a simple razor knife to cut tiles as needed to finish the job, or fit around edges.

Done! Here’s a few images of the finished project…and the car collection, of course!

But that’s not all! Along with the garage floor, the customer also went full “Happy Days” with a soda fountain-style booth and jukebox! Can’t wait to see the milkshake menu!

To order peel-and-stick tiles from Mazer Wholesale, click here to get started. We have many different designs and colors, and both tile and carpet squares with simple and easy peel-and-stick installation.

Our collection includes not only garage and other floor tiles, but also peel-and-stick tiles that look like wood, granite, marble and lots more.

If you have a project you’re working on and would like to share your results, please feel free to get in touch!

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