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Installing Window Shades From Mazer Wholesale – An Easy Do-It-Yourself Project

When it comes to a Do-It-Yourself project that just about anyone can do in just about any home (or office, or home-office, for that matter), hanging interior window shades is very popular. Keep reading for easy, DIY pro tips and help for making window shade installation a breeze. Tools Needed For Window Shade Installation One […]

Cheap Window Treatments That Are Beautiful and Safe

Mazer Wholesale is on the leading edge of the mandatory transition from traditional window blinds to cordless. As always, lowest pricing for the best quality product in its class drives our philosophy as a supplier to the property management and retail trades. Keeping Kids Safe – New Window Treatments Law As of December 18, 2018, all stock* […]

Window Shades for Classroom Doors

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Window Shades for Classroom Doors New protocols in schools of all kinds are now requiring (or will soon be) a shade to cover the window in classroom doors. School Shootings Stimulate the Necessity to Cover Door Windows in Active Shooting Situations School shooting tragedies have necessitated the need for new safety and security measures to […]