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Window Shades for Classroom Doors

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Window Shades for Classroom Doors

New protocols in schools of all kinds are now requiring (or will soon be) a shade to cover the window in classroom doors.

School Shootings Stimulate the Necessity to Cover Door Windows in Active Shooting Situations

School shooting tragedies have necessitated the need for new safety and security measures to be taken in schools. Added to Fire Drills, now schools are having Active-Shooter Drills necessitated by the increasing incidence of shootings and threats.

As a precaution, window treatments are being added to the window built into or on the side of classroom doors. These window treatments are to be drawn and doors locked in the case of a drill or active threat so that shooters can’t see any visible targets.

Mazer Wholesale is able to provide large quantities of window shades or blinds due to our typical large on-hand inventory quantities and low wholesale pricing.

Vinyl Window Shades

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Window shades come in various sizes, weights, and colors. Standard widths at 37-1/4″, 46-1/4″, 55-1/4″, and 73-1/4″. For doors, our 37-1/4″ wide shades can be cut to as narrow as 18″. The standard length of vinyl window shades is 72″ and they can be rolled incrementally to stop or roll all the way up.

The most common colors are white and ivory. Black shades are quite popular, too (black is only available in the 37-1/4″ size).

Mazer Wholesale supplies retailers, housing authorities, landlords, property management companies, schools, and any other organization who needs wholesale quantities of window treatments including window shades, blinds, or curtain rods.

Don’t Overpay for Window Shades for School Lock-Down

Your school or school system may need hundreds or even thousands of window shades to cover the window in classroom doors. This is going to take a bite out of your budget! In a recent article on the subject of protocols for protecting students and teachers in the case of an active shooter alert a company is bragging about a black cloth which drops down over the door’s window to block all visibility to the inside of the classroom…at a cost of over $20.00.

Is this really necessary? A cheap vinyl shade or blind will generally run approximately 1/2 that price and serve the same purpose.

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See our selection of economical window shades, click here.

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