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How to Measure A Window For New Mini Blinds

How to choose the right size mini blinds

This post is to explain how to determine which size mini blinds to purchase for your windows. All mini blinds are not necessarily exactly the same. However, these instruction should cover most of the cheaper vinyl mini blinds made today and for the past 35+ years.

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How to Select the Right Size Vinyl Mini Blind

We sell a cheap vinyl mini blind by the brand name of Morningstar and most other brands in this category of inexpensive blind will probably install the exact same way. (However, if you don’t buy from us, you’ll probably pay more…just sayin’.) Brackets, screws, and directions are always included.

This article provides information to consider for deciding how you will mount your blinds. This will help you to determine which size blinds to purchase.

There are basically 3 ways to mount a mini blind: 1) Inside Mount, 2) Inside Top Mount, 3) Outside Mount

How to Measure Your Window for Inside Mounting Mini Blinds So You Can Choose the Right Size

The image above demonstrates how a bracket will typically be mounted for an inside mount.

You should measure the distance between the inside of the window at the top and also at the bottom. Ideally, they should measure the same at the top and at the bottom, but just in case they don’t you want to use the smaller measurement as the basis for the size.

The blinds will fit 1/2″ wider and 3/8″ smaller than stated size. The head rail will measure 1/2″ less than stated size.

The above is what is printed on the packaging but even this can be a little confusing. Here’s a good example of how to understand this:

If your window opening measures 29-1/2″ wide, you should choose a 30″ wide blind because the blind will fit a window up to 1/2 wider. The head rail of a 30″ blind measures 29-1/2″.

If the opening measures 29-3/8″ down to 28-1/2″, you should use a 29″ blind. The head rail of a 29″ blind measures 28-1/2″. The depth of the brackets allow the head rail to float inside the bracket allowing for a natural-looking installation, eliminating the need for perfect precision.

Top Mounting Mini Blinds

A top-mount means you mount the mini blind brackets to the top of the window opening. This is also a version of inside mounting.

There are a couple of reasons you may want or need to use this top-mount method.

  1. In circumstances where you have a problem with molding interfering with your access to a flat, level surface.
  2. In circumstances where you must use a blind which is narrower than the window opening.

In the latter situation, the freedom to mount the brackets closer together will relieve you of the problem of the head rail not reaching the cavity of both brackets. Simply install the brackets equally distant from the their respective side of the window opening. Mounting the brackets 1/8″, 3/16″ or 1/4″ from each side will very likely be unnoticeable

Outside Mounting Mini Blinds

Outside mounting mini blinds is necessary where there the window is not recessed into the wall. There IS no “inside” available.

Mini blind brackets can be mounted onto the wood molding surrounding the window, over top of the window or outside of the molding altogether.

Getting the perfect size is not as crucial for outside mounting. In fact, some people choose to use one wider blind to cover multiple windows. Likewise, it’s also sometimes practical to use two blinds to cover a single extra-wide window.



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