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Contractor Bag Comparison Video

This video compares three different brands of Contractor Bags: ‘Husky’, ‘Contractor’s Choice’ (Sold in Home Depot and Lowes), and the third bag is the one WE at Mazer Wholesale, Inc. have been selling for 20 years at a much lower price. In this demonstration, we put the three different bags to the ultimate test. In […]

Adult Coloring Book Wholesaler

If you’re looking for low prices small amounts or bulk wholesale purchases of these fun and therapeutic Adult Coloring Books, you’ve found the right place. Lowest Pricing Online for Coloring Books for Adults The minimum order to purchase at 50% off the printed pre-price is just 1 box! We currently carry 4 selections of adult coloring. Each variety […]

Garage Flooring Idea

I installed the black and white checkerboard peel and stick floor tile in my garage in April of 2011. As of this post which is created on December 24th 2015 the floor still looks great. Every tile is still firmly in place. Peel & Stick Garage Flooring Tile I live in New Jersey. In New […]