Nexus Peel & Stick Floor Tile On Sale NOW for $9.95 Per Box

Nexus Floor Tile-Peel & Stick

This is no joke and no exaggeration. We are by far selling

Nexus Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile for The Lowest Price in America- NOW Just $9.95/box

We were the first wholesaler online in 2001 with Nexus Brand flooring, and selling at lower prices than all our big-name competitors. Back then, we were serving independently-owned hardware stores and mom & pop home goods stores in the Philadelphia area, Southern New Jersey, and Baltimore.

The selection was originally (as far as I recall), 20 patterns. They ALL sold very well. Many of them went a bit stale and were replaced by more contemporary patterns. We have always had a mix of several hardwood patterns, various marble patters, stone and paver patterns. The line continues to evolve- now with 30 patterns in the line PLUS a line of Wood-Look 6″x36″ Planks.

Selling Tile Far Cheaper Than Our Competitors Online

We sell tile cheaper than other companies whether they’re online, stores, or both.  We always have and we always will. It’s our business model!

The internet emerged as a marketing opportunity and fortunately for us, the timing was perfect. There were other companies selling tile online but their pricing was outrageously high. This enables us to beat their prices drastically they didn’t even realize we were there!

We took this new line of product and, thanks to the internet, were soon supplying businesses AND homeowners, landlords, and remodelers all over the USA.

Tile is Heavy But It’s Easy to Ship

As a wholesaler, we always knew how to keep our costs down so our customers were paying rock-bottom prices. Negotiating low shipping deals with UPS and other carriers is crucial to be able to deliver products and still beat the competition.

Hey, you don’t stay in business for 35+ years (and counting) without being shrewd on behalf of your customers.

wholesaler of general merchandise
I’m Andrew Mazer and I’m working hard to keep the great deals coming on items you use around the home and business.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

We compete against industry giants like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon, and Walmart- and we beat their prices almost every time.

How do we do it?

  1. Relationships: We’ve been selling this product for a very long time…over 20 years. That makes our relationship with the manufacturers older and more mature than any of the national brands.
  2. Low-Overhead Business Model: We really can’t disclose ALL our secrets, but we have our nimble ways of purchasing and shipping goods that the big guys don’t know about or are just too big and clumsly to execute. Our small team of buyers and efficiencies developed over time keeps our business running like a well-oiled machine.

Enough About Us…This is About YOU!…Our Customers!

  • YOU want the best prices when you’re about to spend $100’s on a new floor for your home, apartment, or property. That’s why your searching online…for the best deal.
  • YOU want to TALK to a real person on the phone (some people still prefer it!) and WE ACTUALLY ANSWER THE PHONE!
  • YOU want installation advice and WE have decadeds of experience selling the product, using the product, and many demonstration videos on our site and on YouTube. (Check out our YouTube channel for installation advice and more.)




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