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The Original Peel & Stick Flooring Online

Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer. Back in 1986 I started my wholesale company which was mostly in service to hardware stores. Eventually we started to serve discount stores which ended up turning into serving dollar stores. One of my first lines of items was paint and painting supplies like paint brushes and paint rollers. This is […]

Potting or Meditation Shed Floor Ideas

The concept of the potting shed is totally new to us here at Mazer Wholesale.  Hi, I’m Andrew Mazer, the founder, owner, president and self-appointed King (because I can do that).  It was about a month ago when I first learn of the concept on the website, Houzz.  I thought, “Ok…the female version of the […]

Installing Vinyl Peel & Stick Tile on Wood Stairs

We get such wonderful feedback from the women who purchase and install our vinyl self adhesive tile.  This project is contributed by Linda W. of Pennsylvania.  Linda is one of our resellers and she’s also very experienced installer having done many of the rooms in her home.  Most recently this project in her basement which […]

Easy and Cheap Flooring You Can Do Yourself

Does your home need a little bit of remodeling or sprucing up? Are you looking to save some money with an easy do-it-yourself solution? Cheap Peel & Stick Tile is Your Answer for a Fast-Easy & Affordable Flooring Solution Transform your home in hours!  You can have your house or apartment looking completely different and […]

Black and White Checkerboard Pattern Tile for Garage Floor

When people began to discover our low-priced solid black and solid white floor tile on our website about 5 years ago, we started getting calls from all over the country from consumers. One of the most frequently asked questions was, “I want to put make a black and white checkerboard pattern with your floor tile. […]