Garage Makeover-Flooring Department

Garage tiles Turned out pretty good.  Thanks and pleasure working with you. 
-Jim, North Carolina

Another happy customer who purchased our black and white vinyl Garage Floor Tiles. A dramatic finishing touch to a garage makeover.

Take note of concrete floor in the BEFORE image.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Peel & Stick Garage Flooring

We’re going to answer 2 frequently asked questions here with one image (above).

Q. My garage floor has expansion joints. Do I have to fill them in?

A. YES. The Garage Floor Tile is thin and flexible. Although these characteristics keep the tile from cracking under the weight and pressure of a car rolling and sitting on it, the tiles will sink into the expansion joints and any other wide cracks or holes. These must be filled in with Crack Filler.

We recommend Henry 345.

Q. My garage floor has some oil stains. Do I need to get them off?

A. If you have cleaned the floor with soap and water and the stain is still there, it’s probably sunken into the concrete and no longer “greasy.” It’s unlikely old grease stains will cause you any problem. Your tile should be sticking firmly within a couple of hours. If the tile is easy to peel up a couple hours after installation, you may want to use Loctite All-Purpose Adhesive or Liquid Nail to fortify the bond.

Stand-alone garage with peel & stick tile.

Here’s a photo of a customer who has applied our garage floor to his detached garage. This image is used to emphasize that fluctuating temperatures to no have a negative affect on the tile. However, the tile should be installed during moderate temperatures. After the adhesive sets, fluctuating and even extreme temperatures (high 90s and down to single digits) are not a problem.


More Garage Floor Tile Styles

This is our Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look Tile

Patrick Stewart (no, not the one who played Captain Picard on Star Trek) share an airplane hangar with a few of his flying buddies. This is the Salt & Pepper Epoxy-Look peel & stick tile. It has a light gray background with tiny specks of brown & black.

Many customers have recently begun to use our solid Black tile mixed with the Salt & Pepper instead of white and they’re very happy with it. So far, the photos they have sent look like black and white, so we haven’t posted any yet. I’m sure someone will take picture where the lighting will be just right to distinguish the Salt & Pepper.

See our Photos from Happy Customers page, CLICK HERE.

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