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12′ PVC Booster Cable

Must order in groups of 12. Minimum order: 12.


A PVC Booster Cable is a set of electrical cables that are used to jump start a vehicle with a dead battery.

12′ PVC Booster Cable – Wholesale Price

Do you sell automotive products in your store, or use them in your business? If you do, then you want to purchase them at a wholesale price so you can sell them for a profit.

  • PVC Booster Cable can help you get back on the road.
  • It is used for connection in car battery and also can be used as an emergency cable in the case of battery disorder in vehicle and floor machine.
  • PVC battery booster cable is a rubber insulated, 100% copper conductor, multi-stranded for a greater flexibility.
  • It is featured with a copper-coated steel clamps with high durability and the clips rating with impact resistant materials.
  • Color coded markings for easy identification of positive and negative terminals.

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First and foremost I wanted to thank you for awesome customer service! Everything came out of my account accordingly and it is really rare that you find good customer service anymore. I also love the fact that customers can directly contact, not just the company, but the owner! That says a lot in my opinion!
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Our experience with Mazer was great. Pricing was spot on, delivery super quick for a large volume order! Would definitely recommend Mazer!
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We got everything today. Product looks great. Thanks for all your help. We'll definitely use your company again.
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