Economy Solid White Garage Floor Tile, 12″ x 12″ 50-Pack

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Solid White Pattern with Slightly Textured Surface

Easy to install on any clean and smooth basement or garage floor.

This product is a proven success for use on Garage Floors for over 20 years. Park your car, motorcycles, or light truck on it.

Solid White Garage Floor Tile

This is a pack of 50 square feet of Solid White tile. Each tile is 12″ x 12″. 

Super-Low Price: 99¢ Per Square Foot (per tile) and FREE DELIVERY!

Do It Yourself Garage Flooring-Peel & Stick!

Finally, an affordable solution to beautify your garage or basement floor you can install yourself. A proven item we’ve been selling since 2001. 

If you can park a car on it, you can use it in any room in your house!

Let’s face it, there is no perfect solution for floors which are subject to abuse.  No matter how much money you invest, there are pros and cons to all flooring.  When you check the reviews online, you will always find some elements of failure or disappointment. Here’s why you should consider our low-priced peel & stick vinyl flooring for your garage floor or basement floor project:

  1. It’s cheap. We are actually a wholesale company so we have a low-profit pricing strategy.  Many of your customers buy from us and then resell our goods at a profit. You get the benefit of buying at a true wholesale price.
  2. No product is perfect for every situation. Why spend $1000’s when you can get a great-looking floor for a couple $100?
  3. You can install it yourself.  The biggest savings is probably in the installation. You don’t need to be a pro and you don’t need to hire one. Just peel & stick and when you need to cut tiles to fit around the edges, a simple razor knife is all you need.
  4. Just look at all the great feedback and photos our satisfied customers send us all the time. (Click here).
  5. 5-Year Limited Warranty

Tiles are 1.2mm thick. They have a glossy finish which is naturally moisture and chemical resistant and slight texture which adds a bit of traction. Product was developed in USA and made in China.

For best adhesion, Garage Floor Tile should be installed when temperatures are between 60 degrees and above 80 degrees fahrenheit. After the adhesive thoroughly dries, fluctuation temperatures (even extreme temperatures) do not affect the adhesion. 

We do not sell floor tile in the state of California
Please note: This tile is made to stick bare, clean concrete and wood floors. While it WILL ADHERE to most surfaces, some coatings such as paint, epoxy, and concrete sealers, may repel the adhesive on the tile and prohibit optimum adhesion.

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Weight 22 lbs


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