Ear Savers-Comfort, 4-Pack

Must order in groups of 12. Minimum order: 24.

$2.95 $1.75

For all of us suffering from the discomfort and pain behind the ears from wearing a mask all day, now there’s

Ear Savers to Free the Back of the Ears from Mask Strings

Reusable ear savers for your own use and for your whole team.

  • Retail packaged. Can be sold in any kind of store.
  • 4 ear savers per pack.
  • Works like a strap behind the head rather than behind the ears.
  • Eliminates pain while reducing pressure.
  • Washable and reusable yet cheap enough to throw away.
  • Adjustable, 5-position tightness.
  • Works for any size mask.

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Weight .15 lbs


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