Work Gloves – Good-Gripping Cotton Work Gloves with PVC Dots

Must order in groups of 120. Minimum order: 120.


Work gloves that are good enough to last and cheap enough to throw away when they get grungy.

Cheap Cotton Work Gloves with a Good Grip – Wholesale Price

We use the word “cheap” to describe the price, but these work gloves are really quite good. You get:

  • A moderate level of hand protection
  • A good grip with the 100’s of PVC gripping dots
  • Convenience in that these gloves are reversible so when you pick them up, each glove will fit on either hand!

Inexpensive Work Gloves For Sale

Don’t let our low price fool you! These gloves retail for $1.49-$2.19 per pair

The fabric is a cotton-polyester blend so the fabric has some elasticity. The cuff is made to fit snuggly yet comfortably on the wrist. Hands stay cooler than in most other types of work gloves.

Great for:

  • Warehouse workers and order pickers
  • Picking up boxes, wood, stone, metal
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Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × .01 in