Cheap Reading Glasses With Display

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Must order in groups of 360. Minimum order: 360.


If you sell reading glasses in your store (or if you’ve ever wanted to), this is a great deal you should consider. This display contains 360 pairs of reading glasses.

Your wholesale cost is just 99¢ per pair.

Cheap Reading Glasses in Floor Display

This display pack of inexpensive reading glasses comes in an attractive and organized heavy duty cardboard floor display. This display box can be used over and over again when it comes time to refill your inventory.

There is a massive population of people who need and wear non-prescription reading glasses. Cash in on this fantastic category!

Assorted Strength Reading Glasses-In Assorted Styles-Wholesale

This assortment of reading glasses covers a wide range of strengths and styles for men and women.

Each pair of reading glasses comes in a neat retail package: Poly Bagged with Label and Pre-priced $9.99 each. The packaging allows for good to be hung on a peg hook if that’s your preference.

Closeout Reading Glasses

Take advantage of the special, reduced closeout price on this assortment of high quality reading glasses.These reading glasses and displays are being discontinued due to new packaging and styles for the current year.


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