Plastic Frame Reading Glasses-Deluxe Assortment

Must order in groups of 300. Minimum order: 300.


You’re going to love this inexpensive selection of plastic framed reading glasses.

These are BIG step up from the cheap, plain, generic readers but only pennies hire in price.


Low Wholesale Pricing On Reading Glasses

The low wholesale pricing on these glasses make them a no-brainer.

They can easily retail for $9.99 per pair so if you’re a retailer, the profit margins can be massive.

Buy Reading Glasses in Bulk and Save Money

Many of our customers give reading glasses away to the needy so you want to buy glasses in bulk to get them cheap.

Imagine the feeling when you hand these reading glasses with a retail price tag of $9.99…and they’re worth it!

These come in assorted powers and assorted styles per the dozen.

They’re also available in individual strengths starting at 1.00 all the way up to 3.50




Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 1.5 in


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